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An unpredictable Oscar year – Click here to discuss

ZachLozano: Last month I had made a post saying this could possibly be the most predictable Oscars derby since 2010, with all the major categories pretty much sealed. However, in the past few weeks SAG, PGA, and DGA have all turned us on our heads and now it seems as though the Best Actor, Picture, and Director races will certainly be nailbiters come February 22nd. What are your thoughts?

babypook: Hurrah to unpredictability!!!!!! History and precursors aside, this year, (I hope) anything just may be possible.Or not. Lol. Best Picture looks like it goes to Birdman, but, what about Boyhood? Or Whiplash? And Actor; is it Eddie Redmayne‘s? Or Michael Keaton‘s? With few exceptions, every category has the potential to defy the precursors, including screenplays and cinematography. I can only hope that this happens. Such as, giving Nightcrawler the screenplay win which, from that lineup, I believe it deserves. Go Dan! I do not recall the last time Oscar was this close.

GustavoCruzESilva: Nightcrawler doesn’t have a chance but I’m starting to wonder if PTA could upset in a major way in the Adapted Screenplay race, given that the two Brits could cancel each other out, American Sniper is too controversial and maybe PTA’s name may have a stronger impact than Chazelle. It’s a crazy possibility but I keep in mind the actors branch and all that glorious, vast cast in Inherent Vice, and the challenge of adapting Pynchon… Wishful thinking much? Lol

ETPhoneHome: I’m very torn between The Grand Budapest Hotel and Guardians of the Galaxy for makeup. Then Foxcatcher still has an outside shot. I can never figure this branch out. I happened to predict the three nominees this year, but I can’t be certain if they are impressed by realism or just a sheer amount. It has gone both ways over the past few years.

endaugust: There are no names listed for the writing categories on the ballot, so the PT Anderson career award isn’t a factor, unless Inherent Vice is a huge hit and everyone’s talking about it. It’s not even close.  Inherent Vice’s problem will be not enough people will be watching it. I don’t think the British films will “cancel” each other out? That would be the case if a large portion of AMPAS voters are British. Otherwise, they’ll vote for whichever film they like more (or dislike less). The top votegetters will be the films that have multiple nominations including BP.

24Emmy: I’d watch out for a possible “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” upset for Glen Campbell in Best Original Song.

Jon Stewart leaving ‘The Daily Show’ – Click here to discuss

thedemonhog: Late night has really shifted these last few years. You will be missed, Jon Stewart! So in 2016, do the Emmys award the end of Stewart or the beginning of Stephen Colbert on CBS?

Placeholder: Is it possible that SNL could finally be dropped this year? Locks are Colbert Report, Daily Show, Jimmy Fallon. If David Letterman gets a farewell hug, and the HBO campaign machine gets John Oliver and Bill Maher in, Saturday Night Live will be left on the sideline. Wishful thinking though.

Macbeth: There is hardly any chances Saturday Night Live gets cut just like that. The respect and longevity of the show (along with Lorne’s deep pockets) will ensure that NBC keeps it on the air until Lorne feels it is time to go. I see that only being after at least the 50th anniversary. To Stewart – meh. I never really liked him too much. He did a lot of satirical shows, but I never quite made time for his show in the way I did for Craig Ferguson and Stephen Colbert. I wouldn’t like Craig to replace him. Craig is a god of late night, but what made him so special was how non-conformist he was to the whole political humor thing. Also, he needs an HBO show where he can cuss to his Celtic heart’s sweet little content.

ETPhoneHome: Very sad to see Stewart leaving. I always preferred his show to the Colbert Report, and I guess I’ll just have to be happy with Last Week Tonight. Even though it’s only once a week, it is a decent replacement. Stewart is getting that farewell Emmy. Obviously not because he hasn’t been rewarded enough, but because I’m sure his departure will be extremely well-publicized.

Rich Landry: Rather surprising…….I wonder if Brian Williams should be nervous. Wasn’t Jon looked to host one of the news shows recently?

Will ‘Whiplash’ overperform at the Oscars?
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Noe: What if a scenario where ‘Whiplash’ overperforms at Oscars night happens? I think it’s possible. Of its 5 nominations, it’s out of the Picture race, but 1 is a lock and the another 3 are highly approachable. Editing, Adapted Screenplay, Sound Mixing and Supporting Actor. Could ‘Whiplash‘ end up with 4 wins?

benbraddock: Right now, I have WHIPLASH for supporting actor only, but I might be tempted to give it the film editing award…I dont think it wins more than 2 Oscars.

Filmatelist: I think Sound and Editing are both real possibilities, simply because they’re both very showy and used to great dramatic (and unsubtle) effect. Certainly, musical films fare pretty well here, though the biggest help right now is that there’s no clear and obvious front-runner in either. I think Screenplay is just wishful thinking, though. I think it would max at 3.

Tony DiMeo: I think this movie really stands out in the screenplay category because unlike the other four nominated it was not based on a book, this is based on the real life of Damien Chazelle who directed and wrote the movie, the only other nominee who pulled double-duty is Paul Thomas Anderson and that seems unlikely. If they like rewarding someone who took their own vision and brought it to screen Chazelle has a real chance here.

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