‘Trumbo’ dash, Jennifer Lawrence scramble and ‘Outlander’ shock – our forum posters speak out

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The hottest place on the web for brutally brilliant discussion of the Oscars, Golden Globes and SAG Awards contenders are the Gold Derby forums, of course. Check out this video chat with two frequent posters Brad Weir (Bradderz) and Kyle Bailey, (KyleBaily) and our senior editor Matt Noble. Below, some snippets. Join the live chat going on right now.

Trumbo‘ Dash
With two Golden Globe nominations and three SAG Awards bids, posters in the forums have asked if “Trumbo” can go all the way at the Oscars?

Brad thinks “It’s going to hit pretty close to home for these voter,s but I’m not sure it will be a Best Picture contender. I think it will be more its cast than anything else.” Kyle adds “I’m still a little iffy on Bryan Cranston. I think I need the BAFTAs to chime in.”

Jennifer Lawrence Scramble
“Joy” performance looks to be in a weaker position in the Best Actress race after her SAG snub. Brad says, “I don’t think Lawrence is out of it just yet” and she missed out on the nod because of voters “not seeing it enough.”

Category Fraud
Category fraud is always a hot topic in the forums and Brad think’s the top culprit this year could be “Carol” star Rooney Mara, saying, “If Mara gets into supporting actress she will win and I think there will be a lot of outcry about that.”

Kyle is more concerned about “Spotlight” stars saying “Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams are the driving forces of ‘Spotlight.’”

Outlander‘ surprise
On the TV side of things, our posters have been talking about the most bizarre nods. Brad was surprised by “the ‘Outlander’ love” saying, “There are a lot of supporters for Outlander on our forums and we were always quick to dismiss them, but it did get genuine support.”

Kyle added, “I expected last year it could be a threat because it was a brand new show and the Globes are known for loving stars. I think it’s weird that it’s the second outing and that’s when it got all the love.” 

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