Emmy episode analysis: Peter Dinklage has an audience with the queen in ‘Game of Thrones’

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Peter Dinklage‘s Emmy nomination for Best Drama Supporting Actor for “Game of Thrones” is his fifth in a row, making him the only actor from the HBO series to have been nominated every year of its run. He’s also the only cast member who has won; he prevailed on his very first try in 2011. This year, he’s aiming to reclaim his title with his episode submission “Hardhome.”

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SYNOPSIS: The politically savvy Tyrion Lannister (Dinklage) is brought before Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) in the hopes of becoming her adviser in her pursuit of the Iron Throne. First, he convinces her to forgive Ser Jorah (Iain Glenn), who betrayed her but is devoted to her. Later, over drinks, he explains the political minefield she’ll face when she advances on King’s Landing. They discuss the powerful families of Westeros, as well as their own relationships with their cruel fathers, and Daenerys finally accepts Tyrion’s offer of help. She vows to “break the wheel” and end the violent cycle of power that has plagued the kingdom.

Will Dinklage’s performance win him his second Emmy? Let’s consider the pros and cons:


With 24 nominations, “Game of Thrones” has more overall support than ever before. If the show sweeps on Emmy night, fan favorite Dinklage could go along for the ride.

Dinklage’s 2011 victory came for the episode “Baelor,” in which he also discussed the cruelty of his father. Revisiting that theme in this episode could work in his favor.

The meeting of Tyrion and Daenerys is a watershed moment in the story, so watching Dinklage and Clarke finally share scenes together will be especially exciting for voters who follow the series.


Because “Game of Thrones” features so many parallel storylines and characters in each episode, Dinklage only gets 10 minutes of screentime divided into two scenes.

After about the 30-minute mark, Dinklage’s scenes are over and the episode proceeds to its main event: Jon Snow (Kit Harington) battling White Walkers in the north. If voters watch the entire episode, the Tyrion/Daenerys scenes may be long forgotten by the end.

Tyrion mostly talks politics with Daenerys, so Dinklage doesn’t get to display strong emotions or significant character development. And it’s Clarke who gets the more memorable dialogue in the end, closing the scene with her “break the wheel” speech.

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Photo: Peter Dinklage in “Game of Thrones.” Credit: HBO/Everett/REX

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