Oscars insanity! Sasha Stone and I wonder: What the hell’s next? (podcast)

“This race this year for me has been nothing but surprises,” Sasha Stone (Awards Daily) says in our podcast chat. (Listen below.) The biggest shock, of course, was “Birdman” soaring off with those PGA laurels and putting the breaks on the “Boyhood” bandwagon.

What happened?

“I think shit went down on the preferential ballot,” she says, and we spend serious time trying to dig up the culprit. Now Sasha says pundits must wonder: “Is this year like 2010 when ‘The Social Network’ won everything up until ‘The King’s Speech’ emerged at the guild awards and the race never switched back?”


If so, then look to “Birdman” winning DGA next, but Sasha and I agree: it’s a loopy year. “It’s going to be a tough fight, but I think ‘Boyhood’ can pull it out,” she adds. “But they’re really going to have to campaign hard.”

It’s such a wild derby, in fact, that we agree that another jawdropper could occur at DGA: Clint Eastwood could ambush with “American Sniper.” No, he’s not nominated for Best Director at the Academy Awards, but neither was Ben Affleck when he took the guild prize for “Argo,” then wreaked revenge on Oscar night.

“Yes, Clint can win DGA,” Sasha concedes. “He’s in his 80s. They want to pay him that respect. To them, he’s god. We just don’t know what academy members are thinking about ‘American Sniper.’ Is it getting hurt by controversy and the endorsement of Sarah Palin?”

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Bottom line: Sasha and I sigh over the fact that the old Oscar prediction rules no longer apply. The big epic films no longer automatically win Best Picture – nor the movie with the most nominations. “Best Picture is now going to a film with a no-name director,” Sasha notes. “It used to be that the Best Picture had to be a respected name.”

So what are the new rules, you wonder? Listen to our chat below. Do a search for “Gold Derby” in the iTunes store to subscribe to our other pundit podcasts. Or check out our channel at Libsyn.

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