Paul Sheehan (Gold Derby) tops all Experts predicting Producers Guild Awards winners

Paul Sheehan of Gold Derby tops all awards Experts in predicting the 2014 Producers Guild winners announced Saturday. He was best among eight Experts that we polled by scoring an outstanding 78% correct regarding the PGA champs.

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PGA members chose several frontrunners as their new champs, so it wasn’t all that difficult for Sheehan to predict “The Lego Movie” as Best Animated Film, “Breaking Bad” as Best Drama Series, and “Orange is the New Black” as Best Comedy Series. Hardly anybody expected for them to award “Birdman” as Best Picture, so he missed that category and Best Variety Series, where he selected “The Colbert Report” over “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

After Sheehan, we then had a five-way tie at 67% between Edward Douglas (Coming Soon), Scott Feinberg (Hollywood Reporter), Tariq Khan (Fox News), Jenelle Riley (Variety), and Susan Wloszczyna ( Thom Geier follows at 56% and then Sasha Stone (Awards Daily) with 34% correct.

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78% CORRECT (7 of 9)
Paul Sheehan (Gold Derby)

67% CORRECT (6 of 9)
Edward Douglas (Coming Soon)
Scott Feinberg (Hollywood Reporter)
Tariq Khan (Fox News)
Jenelle Riley (Variety)
Susan Wloszczyna (

56% CORRECT (5 of 9)
Thom Geier

34% CORRECT (3 of 9)
Sasha Stone (Awards Daily)

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