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Razzie Awards reactions to short list of nominees – Click here to discuss

ThemeParks4Life: I feel like The Interview just made the shortlist because of the controversy, especially considering it didn’t make the shortlist for Writing or Directing. Shocked that Blended didn’t get in for Picture.

GOKenBendor: It’s total CRAP that The Interview is so heavily represented, while such dreck as 3 Days to Kill, And So It Goes, Men Women & Children, Horrible Bosses 2 (Aniston aside) and esp soulless product like (not) Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the last (one can hope) Hobbit aren’t.

Ryan Lapierre: I just wish Annie was in picture. That film is bad in so many ways. Cameron Diaz has to get a supporting nomination because it’s the worst performance of the year.

Tye-Grr: What’s with the ‘Noah‘ hate? It wasn’t even that poorly reviewed (mixed at worst) and it did pretty well at the box office to boot. Darren Aronofsky for Worst Director? Ridiculous!

Tyler The Awesome Guy: I honestly kinda liked “The Interview”. I am happy that Noah made the list, what a load of crap. I am rooting for Million Ways to Die in the West to sweep. Give Seth MacFarlane all those Razzies, he deserves it! If Interstellar did make the list, I would lose all faith in humanity and the movie/entertainment business in general.

KyleBailey: So they go after Noah but not the worst movie ever made GOD’S NOT DEAD. Talk about utter trash. They didn’t even go after the bad Son of God either. Noah was a great movie with great performances and Darren Aronofsky did a wonderful job directing and not shutting out the non Christian audience like Son of God and God’s Not Dead did. Wrong faith based movie was targeted.

CzechpointChrly: I remember reading something on this site about Razzie nods, but Saving Christmas was excluded. I’m glad that it was noticed here, same with Left Behind (how was the original excluded from the 2000 Razzie season?). I’m thinking it’s gonna be an alright year for awarding bad films… Then again, I only paid attention to good ones this year.

Golden Globe TV predictions – Click here to discuss

Ain’t No Elitist: I’ve made my predictions. Choosing between ‘Fargo‘ and ‘True Detective‘ was very difficult (given I was at university during the airing of ‘True Detective’, the Sky Atlantic channel doesn’t have a watch again feature (like BBC iPlayer) and had work to do therefore I wasn’t able to watch it unlike ‘Fargo’ (bacause it aired on Channel 4 which does have a watch again feature).

Awardsfunyay: As far as the Drama Actress category goes, I think Viola Davis is the frontrunner, but I would not be surprised if Claire Danes won. She has won every time she has been nominated, and was not nominated last year because of the criticism of the third season. But this year has gotten fantastic reviews, and I’m honestly surprised they didn’t get a series nomination, but maybe they will see her name and just vote for her because of how much they love her.

Someonelikeme: I think in Lead Actress Comedy, Gina Rodriguez & Taylor Schilling are battling. The HFPA is also well known for acting ties. I won’t be shocked to see one occur in one of the acting races this year at all. Looking over some of the nominees in the various categories, there are some competitive races here. Exciting!

eastwest: I said Netflix would have a good night months ago and it lookis like those cool kids will have something to party hard about with dual series wins. And FX will be eating well too with “Fargo” taking its category. The acting wins seem more easier to predict than the film ones on paper, but these are the Golden Globes. I think Kevin Spacey is locked to take home an overdue acting trophy here. I thought Viola Davis would be a lock, but after the nonsense last year with Kerry Washington, I can’t be too confident. That is why I’m tempted to pick Ruth Wilson.

New Kanye West single ‘Only One’
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Renaton: This is Kanye West‘s most emotional song since MBDTF. Really sweet. Can’t wait for the album.

vinny: So adding Paul McCartney was genius. I actually like this song a lot.

Atypical: This is the kind of song Kanye would usually close an album off with. I don’t think it’s quite single worthy, but it’s very sweet and moving.

st jimmy: I’m probably about to get one starred beyond belief, but for me when songs get this autotuned all of the emotion gets sucked out of it for me. The song is nice enough, and I’ve come around to accept autotune more than in the past but I think it takes the song down here. I feel nothing when listening to this, even if the lyrics here are personal. Having said that, if there are more Paul McCartney collaborations on this next album, I am all for that. This doesn’t seem like a radio single, so I’m guessing one or two more are on the way before the album finally drops. Perhaps this is just a big hint where Kanye is going, and autotune aside it has at least got me more interested than I thought I would be.

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