Tony winner Richard McCabe (‘Audience’) introduces America to Prime Minister Harold Wilson (Video)

“American audiences generally haven’t heard of Harold Wilson, and why should they really? It was British politics,” said actor Richard McCabe about his unexpected Tony Award win for Best Featured Actor in a Play for “The Audience,” in which he plays a British prime minister less familiar to international audiences.

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He adds, “The only people they recognize are Thatcher and Churchill and Tony Blair. But what [playwright Peter Morgan] has done some wonderfully with the play is written such a rich, warm, engaging character, which is a very flattering version of Harold Wilson, although he was very much a man of the people. But much like he’s written a very flattering, warm, endearing portrait of Her Majesty. She is all things to all men. So really all I had to do was say the lines.”

Below, watch McCabe’s complete press Q&A:

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