Rooney Mara (‘Carol’) on life being ‘flipped upside down’ with Cate Blanchett [Exclusive Video]

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“It’s very much a coming-of-age story. She’s at this point in her life where she’s deciding what sort of woman she wants to be,” reveals Rooney Mara about her character Therese Belivet in the new film “Carol.” Set in 1952 New York City, the film unfolds as a married woman (Cate Blanchett) enters into a forbidden relationship with a young shop girl (Mara).

In our recent interview (watch below), Mara adds, “She has this seemingly perfect boyfriend and this group of friends and a job, but she feels very alone and doesn’t feel satisfied or fulfilled in her life… And then Carol steps into her life and everything sort of gets flipped upside down.”

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Mara already has an Oscar and Golden Globe nomination on her resume for “The Girl with the Dragon Tatto” (2011). In both cases, she lost to Meryl Streep for “The Iron Lady.” Of that first awards experience, she recalls, “It was such an incredible group of women to be a part of, and it wasn’t something I was really expecting. You didn’t know if that was going to happen.”

While the studio may be promoting Rooney for a supporting actress slot (and that is where she appears on the SAG Awards ballot), the Golden Globes have ruled that she is to contend for Best Drama Actress. If the members of the academy’s acting branch go along with that assessment, she could be competing with her co-star Blanchett at the Oscars, rather than in supporting where she is the overwhelming favorite

Because of that Globe classification, we have her listed as possibilities in both categories at the Academy Awards. Make your Oscar predictions above or below beginning with Best Actress and you could earn a place of honor on our leaderboard and a starring role in next year’s Top 24 Users (the two dozen folks who do the best predicting this year’s Oscar nominations).

Other films in Mara’s short career so far have included “Youth in Revolt,” “The Social Network,” “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints,” “Side Effects,” “Her,” and “Trash.” She also has upcoming projects with Oscar-nominated directors Jim Sheridan and Terrence Malick.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Weinstein Company

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