SAG Awards predictions: Will ‘Game of Thrones’ finally win Best TV Drama Ensemble?

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Downton Abbey” has won Best TV Drama Ensemble twice in the last three years (2012, 2014) at the SAG Awards and is back in contention. It faces a strong challenge from three-time also-ran “Game of Thrones.” That HBO fantasy drama finally won Best Drama Series on its fifth bid at the most recent Emmys over, among others, “Downton Abbey.” And our Top 24 Users, those two dozen folks who had the highest scores forecasting last year’s SAG winners, say it is time for “Game of Thrones” to reign over these awards too.

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A lucky 13 of our Top 24 Users are betting on “Thrones” to carry that Emmy momentum to the SAG Awards, giving the series 10/11 odds: NoLogo, Halo_Insider, Chaplin567, eastwest, Charles Bright, MattDissen, SamEckmann, Writer12, Idm2006, JMS, MovieMania, Gabriel Severo and wienrdog0.

Another seven of our Top 24 —  VarlaBirdEng KeatbondzzzNoeMMM93 and Zubrowka — think “Mad Men” will earn farewell honors for its final season. The “Mad Men” supporters may be in the minority, but it’s worth noting that of that group, bondzzz had the top score predicting last year’s SAG TV winners with 88% correct. This AMC series won this award in 2008 and 2009 and also contended in 2007, 2010 and 2012. It has odds of 5/2 to win a third time. 

Just four of our Top 24 think “Downton Abbey” will defend its title, giving it 5/1 odds: Freddie Deane, dosmax, FreemanGriffin and King Kunta. And lest you underestimate this group too, FreemanGriffin actually tied bondzzz with 88% accuracy last year but finished lower on the overall leaderboard due to his lower points total.

None of our Top 24 are currently predicting the remaining two nominees: second-time contender “House of Cards” (66/1 odds) and “Homeland” (80/1 odds), which is on its fourth bid.

The consensus of Gold Derby Editors – those of us who cover awards year-round for the site – is also that “Game of Thrones” will prevail. Five out of six of us – Chris Beachum, Marcus Dixon, Rob Licuria, Matt Noble and I – are betting on the epic fantasy series, giving it 2/7 odds, while Paul Sheehan is backing “Downton Abbey” for a third win, giving it 9/2 odds. None of us are currently predicting “Mad Men”; are we underestimating it?

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