SAG Awards LIVE blog: Let’s dish the best, worst and craziest moments

Gold Derby editors can’t stifle what we think of every moment at the SAG Awards. Here are our live musings from Tom O’Neil, Paul Sheehan, Chris Beachum, Daniel Montgomery, Rob Licuria, Matt Noble, Ralph Galvan, Charles Bright, Zach Laws and myself.

SAG Awards: Complete list of film and TV winners

MARCUS: For those not watching the show live, the “I am an actor” speeches this year were given by Robert Duvall, Mahershala Ali, Uzo Aduba, Jennifer Aniston and Zach Galifianakis. Jennifer killed it!

RALPH: UUZZZZOOOO!!!!! I will accept all your “wows” and apologies for doubting me.

DANIEL: I hated, hated, hated the voice-over intro of the red carpet (“We’d go into the woods with Meryl Streep” .. ugh), but as usual loved the opening self-introductions by some of the nominees.

MARCUS: Dammit Chris! I had William H. Macy in my predictions forever until you sent that email about how people don’t win SAG awards unless their shows are also nominated. I blame you for my bad score tonight. 🙂

DANIEL: One lesson we’ve learned with Macy’s win is that the most respected actor often wins, no matter if their show is embraced overall. And while dramedies don’t do well at the Emmys, the SAG Awards seem more interested in the “Actor” part of the award than the “Comedy” part, because dramas just swept the comedy prizes.

MARCUS: Exactly Daniel, that’s how Maggie Smith and Helen Mirren won shocking SAGs last year. Most respected = win. Question is, is Viola Davis respected enough by her peers to overcome the lack of her show’s ensemble snub? We shall see.

PAUL: Macy finally gets that bookend to his 2002 win for the telefilm “Door to Door” and catches up to his wife Felicity Huffman who has individual and ensemble awards for “Desperate Housewives.” 

CHRIS: I picked Uzo for the Globes and nothing. I don’t pick her for any other award shows, and she wins. Can’t figure her out at all.    Really glad to see Robert Duvall as part of the opening “actor” segment.

RALPH: Orange, Uzo, and Macy. My campaigning in this town has paid off. I’d like to thank my buddy Josh and my other SAG voter friends for letting me sway their TV votes. Movies can go to anything but “The Imitation Game” and I’ll be good. Now Tatiana please and this will be the best bday weekend ever.

PAUL: Now that is how  you give an acceptance speech. Uzo, who told us in the opening that this show got her into the union, just wowed this room full of show biz vets. 

MARCUS: Patricia Arquette gets ever-closer to winning the Oscar. Is she simply unbeatable at this point? Oh gosh, is that a paper in her hand? No — please, no!

ZACH: God bless SAG for rewarding “Orange is the New Black.” Now if only Emmy voters could do the same.

DANIEL: I wish more award shows were like SAG. No muss, no fuss, no host, just get to the awards, show clips of the nominated performances, give the winners time to speak. It’s funny watching the clips of the Ensemble nominees. You can tell which films and TV shows are true ensemble pieces based on how hard it is to find a clip where the actors are in one room together (I’m looking at you, “Grand Budapest Hotel”).

CHRIS: You can bet money the Oscar producers will invite Aniston to present this year after her big snub. It’s very strange Lupita and Jared did not return to present the film supporting awards this time. That is the usual routine.

ZACH: J.K. Simmons and Patricia Arquette continue their dominance of the supporting categories. Those of you hoping for some suspense in those categories should set that dream aside.

MARCUS: Why in God’s name is Mark Ruffalo not here to accept his award? He’s a double nominee!

PAUL: He is away on location filming. Am sure he would have been there if he could but a delay in production could cost millions. 

DANIEL: Nice to see some interesting surprises on the TV side. It’s like no one told them who they were supposed to vote for with dozens of precursors beforehand.

MARCUS: How strange that “The Imitation Game” gets a trailer to show off its ensemble, while “Birdman” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel” only got to show brief scenes.

DANIEL: Cue the inspirational montage of diverse actors and storylines celebrating gender, ethnic, and sexual diversity. “We’re sorry for our feature film nominees,” says SAG.

MARCUS: Finally, I get one right on the TV side! Good job, SAG voters, for rewarding Frances McDormand and not making me a complete prediction loser.

RALPH: I had Tyson here as a Ruby Dee type win for the longest time until one Tatiana Maslany hinted that McDormand would win this – so I switched. *Whew* Ruffalo has been my only miss so far.

PAUL: Loved McDormand’s plugs for the DVD of “Olive Kitteredge” and her current off-Broadway show. 

ROB: This is sooooo hard to follow when the show isn’t airing in Oz!!! But I’m so happy about Uzo! Step aside Galvan, we’re supposed to be sharing the Adubalove.

TOM: So far tonight I have bombed out on every single TV prediction. Worse, I would’ve had a few right if I hadn’t made last-minute switcheroos just before Paul shut down the prediction center. Oh, how I hate award shows!

MARCUS: Haha, the great Tom O’Neil just said that he HATES awards shows. We have it in print!

DANIEL: The people who put together that “Theory of Everything” montage probably had to work hard to find any scenes in which any other actors spoke besides Eddie and Felicity.

MARCUS: Who’s Debbie Reynolds??

CHARLES: If you’re not joking with that last email Marcus, I will hunt you down … seriously.

PAUL: Poor Debbie; why do they wait too long to give people lifetime achievement awards? For every Betty White, still going at 93, you have a Mary Tyler Moore or Debbie who need help on and offstage and fumble for their words. 

RALPH: So far this Globe/SAG season I’ve done GD hangouts with Gina Rodriguez, Uzo Aduba, and Tatiana Maslany. Two of them have each won one of those awards. If Tatiana takes what’s rightfully hers then once again it’s a proven fact that when you do a Gold Derby hangout you win!!!

DANIEL: With three TV categories left, I’m hoping to increase my accuracy to at least 50%, but I’m not optimistic.

CHARLES: That was such a beautiful tribute to Debbie Reynolds. I can’t believe I forgot how great she was in “Singin’ in the Rain.” Gene Kelly and Donald O’Conner usually eat up the praise for that movie but Reynolds more than holds her own alongside those two titans of musical theater on film.

TOM: Charlie, Paul, Chris, grab your pitchforks – I think I saw Marcus dart out the back door. LET’S GET HIM! We can’t let such ignorance loose upon the world! Debbie Reynolds must be avenged!

CHRIS: More than any other awards show, SAG always get it right with their life achievement segments (honorees and the clip packages).

MARCUS: Another no-show on the TV side? Shame on you, Kevin Spacey. You and Ruffalo better have good excuses. How many actors would kill to take the SAG stage as a winner?

DANIEL: Whew, I got Kevin Spacey right. I think if I get at least one more drama pick right, that lifts me to 50%!

RALPH: Spacey already has a few SAGs. Emmy Rossum should be allowed to keep this one and claim it as her own for Shameless – would be an acceptable apology from SAG snubbing her for so long.

MARCUS: Viola Davis!!! I knew it!!! (By the way, totally unfair/strange to have her “HTGAWM” co-star present her with the award.)

DANIEL: Okay, I got this one wrong, but I’m kinda happy I did. Go Viola! Someone give Viola Davis another SAG Award for that amazing speech about casting a black woman as a complex, sexualized woman. Mic drop moment of the night so far.

MARCUS: Uzo Aduba and Viola Davis just won SAG awards. Take that, Oscars.

PAUL: Another socko speech. Loved her dig at that New York Times reporter who questioned her casting. 

RALPH: Damn. I switched from Davis to Tatiana two days ago, but a good choice nonetheless.

DANIEL: SAG deserves credit for their diversity on the TV side, but they’ve already awarded more individual people of color for TV than they even bothered to nominate for film, including ensembles.

RALPH: Kinda interesting that MD’s perennial ‘he’s a lock to win but never wins’ Matthew McConaughey lost the Emmy, Globe, and SAG for “True Detective” when after the show premiered everyone just thought his name should be engraved on every award. Only those kiss-ass Critics gave him hardware (TCA, Critics Choice).

MARCUS: All right, all right, all right. For the record, I only had McConaughey winning at the Emmys and Globes. I had Spacey predicted here, thank God.

CHRIS: Glad I switched over to Viola Davis late this afternoon … and kept Kevin Spacey. Didn’t follow my own rules on that one. And I told you all that Spacey would not show up tonight.

CHARLES: These SAG Awards are just going by so quickly.

MARCUS: Yes! I’m three for three for the drama races thanks to “Downton Abbey” winning. Thanks for the push, Chris. (This makes up for you convincing me to drop Macy earlier.)

CHRIS: HA! “Downton” wins as I told everyone it would. I got all of the drama categories right, just like at Globes.

PAUL: Yep. Remember, “Downton” is airing its new season right now to socko numbers. 

DANIEL: Hot damn! I think I just barely cracked 50% with the “Downton Abbey” cast win. And I’m doubly thrilled because both TV drama ensembles are woman-centered. Why is the film world such a sausage party? The world is round, people!

CHARLES: DAMMIT! I really thought Game of Thrones would pull it off but those damn Brits just had to have this one again, didn’t they.

TOM: THANK YOU, “DOWNTON ABBEY!” One of my last-minute prediction switcheroos actually came through to win. It’s a MIRACLE. Over on the comedy side, I had ditched “Orange” at that last minute for usual champ “Modern Family,” but that wasn’t anything to laugh about.

MARCUS: Did Eddie Remayne really just win? I can’t believe it! So much for all that “SAG voters will vote for Keaton because he’s playing an actor” mumbo jumbo. Upset!

RALPH: YES!!! Eddie!!! Well done, TomO! So glad to be wrong here.

DANIEL: Whoa! Eddie Redmayne wins SAG. After “Birdman” taking PGA, it’s nice to see another award not go quite according to script. I wasn’t a huge fan of “Theory of Everything,” but Eddie Redmayne was remarkable in it. Worth noting: Eddie Redmayne is about the same age as Daniel Day-Lewis was when he won the Oscar for “My Left Foot.” Just sayin’.

CHARLES: This Best Actor race is wide open now. We have a real race on our hands.

TOM: I RULE! I RULE! I RULE! I TOLD YOU IDIOTS THAT EDDIE WOULD WIN! Only Rob Licuria believed me. All the rest of you Editors got this wrong – and all of the Gold Derby “Experts”!

PAUL: Oh why did I not follow the great and powerful O’Neil on this one?!?

ZACH: Oh … my … God! I am KICKING myself over that Best Actor win. I had Redmayne picked for months before I gave in to groupthink. Although Keaton may still take Oscar, this race is giving us some real suspense.

MARCUS: Congrats to Julianne Moore on her well-deserved win. She was phenomenal in this flick. I hate when people say she’s winning just because she’s due. She. Killed. It. Am I alone on this?

RALPH: Why the F! is Meryl Streeps daughter in every damn film and TV show this season? She must have won like 60 SAGs tonight. Does she think she’s Samuel L. Jackson?

MARCUS: So Keaton DOES win a SAG tonight … as part of the “Birdman” ensemble. Maybe SAG voters gave it to Redmayne earlier because they knew Keaton would be winning anyway?

ZACH: Good point. Spreading the wealth perhaps?

RALPH: Race is pretty much over. Eddie Redmayne is a LOCK to win the Oscar. Cooper is the only one who can upset him. Thanks for playing, Beetlejuice (which you should have won an Oscar for)!

MARCUS: So cool that the “Downton” and “Birdman” casts all got to say a little thank you at the podium. “Orange” has like 40 cast members, so they’d still be up there talking!

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