SAG Awards reactions: A play-by-play from our bitchy forums

Gold Derby’s forum posters are known for their brass, take-no-prisoners opinions, all of which were in play Sunday night as the winners were announced at the 21st Screen Actors Guild Awards. Just a small sample of their savagery below. Read more and have your say here.


Best Supporting Actress: Patricia Arquette (“Boyhood“)

Atypical: The glasses and paper AGAIN! Ugh!

PianoMann: Please let this stop before she wins the Oscar…  And was that a clap-track / canned applause right before J.K. Simmon’s name was announced?!

Mike: Arquette makes me cry. Again. Reading or not, she is sincere, real, humble, and her vulnerability was so sincere. 4th generation actor. Good for her and her family!

Best Supporting Actor: J.K. Simmons (“Whiplash“)

surpriselover: Simmons is a class act. Its too bad that Teller couldn’t be recognized for his amazing work in “Whiplash”.

msnowden1: Its weird seeing J.K. Simmons with hair. He should let it grow out more often instead of shaving it all the time. But, then again, what’s the point? He’s bald either way. Anyway, great choice, SAGs!

Best Actor: Eddie Redmayne (“The Theory of Everything“)

ThemeParks4Life: Well, the [Best Actor] race isn’t over yet.

surpriselover: This probably is good news for Cooper since Keaton isn’t unstoppable.

msnowden1: Redmayne can very well win this thing. If he wins BAFTA (which I’m certain he will), I might consider picking him for the win. I love Moore, but I want Rosamund to win soooooo bad.

FreemanGriffith: HOORAY! So glad to finally get one wrong! EDDIE REDMAYNE!!!!! (: Yes, yes, yes! Great speech too! Oscar next for Eddie!!!!!!! (: 

warningtrack: Eddie Redmayne piles it on yet again only to reveal a sheer lack of being genuine. I hate speeches as extensions to the performance.

Best Ensemble (“Birdman“)

PianoMann: “Birdman” is building Oscar momentum for sure!



rstang00: Uzo was an easy call. Now William H Macy for “Shameless” getting a SAG? These are the best pair of winners from any award show in a loooooong time.

Zayner: Eric Stonestreet was not happy when William H. Macy won and especially his speech.

surpriselover: Its a little odd that Taylor Schilling wasn’t even featured in the clip for OINTB.

Sagand: So this was the year SAG forgot the meaning of the word Comedy.

msnowden1: Yes! “Orange” wins! The streak is over! Hopefully, the same thing happens at the Emmy’s.


PianoMann: I’m so glad I stopped predicting Matthew… Kevin Spacey wins Golden Globe and SAG, is Emmy a guarantee?

ValarMorghulis: Yes. VIOLA DAVIS!

Halo_Insider: Well, at least I got it right. SAG is SAG. Honestly, I’m not even mad. The rest of their TV awards were fine enough, and I think the Ensemble is better than “House of Cards”.
Fingers crossed for you to get this one day, “Game of Thrones.” 

TV Movie/Miniseries

24Emmy: Ooh. I was right about Mark Ruffalo winning. There was no way he wouldn’t win one of the four awards.

PianoMann: I’m very glad that SAG didn’t fall for Burstyn syndrome – great for Frances!

Milo Kunis: McDormand is so damn perfect.

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