Editors’ SAG Awards slugfest: What we loved (Eddie Redmayne) and hated (no-shows)

In our new SAG Awards slugfest (watch or listen below), Gold Derby’s editors talk in depth about Eddie Redmayne‘s triumph over presumed frontrunner Michael Keaton and what that means for the Oscars. Hmm, could SAG voters have been simply spreading the wealth, since Keaton would win a trophy at the end of the night as part of the winning “Birdman” ensemble? “They don’t think that way,” reveals Tom O’Neil. “Only award nuts like us think that way.”

Spoiler alert: Partway through the chat, Tom dismisses himself and then emails us later on saying that he’d just received a call from Redmayne who wanted to thank him for never waning in his support. The power of Gold Derby!

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We also explain how “Downton Abbey” was able to take out both “House of Cards” and “Game of Thrones” on the TV side, and we growl about Mark Ruffalo and Kevin Spacey being no-show winners.

Joining Tom and me in our SAG Awards slugfest are Gold Derby editors Chris Beachum, Matt Noble, Charles Bright and Ralph Galvan as we debate everything about the show, from the jawdropping winners to the acceptance speeches to the road ahead.

Below, watch or listen to our new editors’ slugfest and then cast your votes for who will win Best Picture at the Oscars using our easy drag-and-drop menu.

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