Sasha Stone (Awards Daily) tops all Experts predicting Producers Guild Awards nominations

Sasha Stone of Awards Daily topped all film Experts in predicting the 2014 Producers Guild Awards nominations announced Monday. She was best among the 12 Experts we polled by correctly forecasting eight out of the 10 nominees for Best Picture (80%).

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Producers Guild Awards nominations: ‘Boyhood,’ ‘Birdman’ and (surprise!) ‘Nightcrawler’

Stone only missed two nominees: “The Theory of Everything” and “American Sniper.” Instead, she had predicted the Martin Luther King docudrama “Selma” and the sci-fi epic “Interstellar” would earn bids.

After Stone, another eight experts predicted with 70% accuracy: Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil, Scott Feinberg (Hollywood Reporter), Edward Douglas (Coming Soon), Peter Travers (Rolling Stone), Michael Musto (, Thom Geier, Anne Thompson (Thompson on Hollywood), and Tariq Khan (Fox News).

Two more scored 60%: Gold Derby’s Paul Sheehan and Susan Wloszczyna ( And Thelma Adams ( had 40%.

Selma, ‘Unbroken,’ ‘Interstellar,’ can rebound at Oscars after PGA snubs

80% CORRECT (8 of 10)
Sasha Stone (Awards Daily)

70% CORRECT (7 of 10)
Edward Douglas (Coming Soon)
Scott Feinberg (Hollywood Reporter)
Thom Geier
Tariq Khan (Fox News)
Michael Musto (
Tom O’Neil (Gold Derby)
Anne Thompson (Thompson on Hollywood)
Peter Travers (Rolling Stone)

60% CORRECT (6 of 10)
Paul Sheehan (Gold Derby)
Susan Wloszczyna (

40% CORRECT (4 of 10)
Thelma Adams (

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