‘So You Think You Can Dance’ recap: Were you shocked judges axed Burim Jusufi and not Asaf Goren?

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We Gold Derby users had egg on our faces last week predictingSo You Think You Can Dance.” Hardly any of us anticipated the ousters of Darion Flores (Team Stage) and Lily Frias (Team Street). But our forecasts greatly improved this week. Our racetrack odds correctly predicted two results, and we came close on the other two. The big surprises came from the street dancers.

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So You Think You Can Dance’ poll: Is the Twitter Save fair?

After Ariana Crowder and Eddie “Neptune” Eskridge landed in Team Street’s bottom three last week, most of our users expected one of them to exit, with 39% betting on Crowder to be sent home (8/5 odds) and 26% betting on Neptune (14/5 odds). But Neptune didn’t even land in the bottom three, and after earning raves from judges for his contemporary dance this week, is he starting to look like a dark horse contender to win the season?

Crowder was in the bottom three, but she was such a showstopper during her African jazz routine that she was saved by Twitter users.

The last two dancers in danger on Team Street turned out to be b-boys Asaf Goren and Burim Jusufi. Goren wasn’t originally supposed to be in the top 20 (he stepped in at the last minute when Alain “Huurikane” Lauture was injured), and he has received a steady stream of criticism from judges for his struggle with choreography, especially this week, when the entire panel panned his club cha cha with Marissa Milele. So of course, the judges decided to save Goren and eliminate Jusufi.

Wait … what?

Only 6% of users expected Jusufi to be sent home (16/1 odds). Goren seemed much likelier to get the boot; 17% of users thought so (5/1 odds). But if someone was going to save the hunky Israeli b-boy from the bottom three, surely it would have been starry-eyed Twitter fans and not the judges, right? Not so, apparently.

There were no such upsets on the Stage side. As we predicted, Moises Parra was eliminated and Kate Harpootlian was in the bottom three but saved (by Twitter).

So how did our users fare when predicting this week’s results? Better than last week, that’s for sure. Two of them led the way by correctly predicting three out of four results (75%): Brulash82 and Sam Eckmann. The tie-breaker goes to Brulash, who scored 9,854 game points compared to Eckmann’s 4,238 points.

Both of them correctly predicted Parra’s elimination and that Harpootlian and Crowder would be in the bottom but safe. The difference in their scores came primarily from Harpootlian. Brulash bet 500 points on her when she had 16/1 odds, resulting in an 8,000-point payout. Meanwhile, Eckmann bet 200 points when she had 9/2 odds, which earned him just 900 points.

That illustrates just how important it is not only to make your predictions but to use your big bets wisely. You can place one bet of 500 points and two of 200 points. If you bet big on a long shot and get it right, that could be the difference between winning and losing our weekly predictions contest.

However, Eckmann now leads our overall leaderboard with 50% accuracy after two weeks of predictions.

Who do you think will be eliminated next week? Will Goren be saved by viewers or judges again? Or will his latest sub-par performance be his undoing?

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Which STREET dancer will be in the bottom but safe?

Who will win ‘So You Think You Can Dance’?

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