‘So You Think You Can Dance’ dilemma: Is Jim Nowakowski a curse on his dance partners?

so you think you can dance season 12 jim nowakowski

Since live shows began on “So You Think You Can Dance,” ballet dancer Jim Nowakowski has been a frontrunner to win the season according to our predictions. As of this writing, he leads the pack with 2/1 odds, followed by Jaja Vankova (14/5 odds) and Virgil Gadson (13/2 odds). But while he has sailed through the competition every week so far, his dance partners haven’t been so lucky. Is he cursed?

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You’d think performing with the season’s frontrunner would be a boon to a contestant in need of support, but the opposite has happened. In the first live performance show, he and fellow ballet dancer Darion Flores earned praise from the judges for a particularly ambitious routine. But the following week, Nowakowski was safe while Flores was eliminated.

In week three, Nowakowski showed his first sign of weakness. The judges weren’t fond of his hip-hop routine with Megz Alfonso and Moises Parra, but at the end of the night, Nowakowski and Alfonso were safe, while Parra was eliminated. To be fair, Parra landed in the bottom three based on his performance the previous week, but both Twitter users and judges had a chance to save him after his dance with Nowakowski, and they didn’t.

One dance partner has escaped unscathed: Vankova in week two. Judges and audiences alike loved their hip-hop performance together, but Vankova has had such strong fan support she could dance with a plank of driftwood and be safe.

Last Monday night, Nowakowski once again earned raves from the judges. He and partner Ariana Crowder dazzled them with a depression-themed contemporary routine. But Crowder has landed in the bottom three every week, and since there will be four eliminations this coming Monday instead of just two, it looks like the Nowakowski Curse will strike again. Our users predict Crowder’s ouster, giving her 10/9 odds.

Do you agree that Crowder will go home? Are Nowakowski’s dance partners doomed to be overshadowed? Watch his contemporary routine with Crowder below, then use our drag-and-drop menu to make your predictions for a chance to win $100.

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Which STREET dancer will be in the bottom but safe?

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