‘So You Think You Can Dance’ predictions: Goodbye Megs Alfonso, Derek Piquette?

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Our users are confident about who will be eliminated Monday night on “So You Think You Can Dance“: Megz Alfonso from Team Street and Derek Piquette from Team Stage – and this time we mean it! This is the third week in a row we’ve forecast Piquette’s ouster, but he’s been untouchable, landing in the bottom two or bottom three almost every week but escaping by the skin of his teeth each time.

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So while a whopping 81% of users are betting on Piquette to go home, his three teammates – Hailee Payne, Gaby Diaz and Jim Nowakowski – might rightly be shaking in their boots. Nowakowski especially has reason to be nervous. In “Top 10 Week,” almost all of his competitors outdid themselves on the dance floor, while he received the night’s only mixed reviews from judges. Though he has been called the season’s best technical dancer, he now needs to worry about connecting with the audience. In fact, 51% of users predict he’ll be in the bottom but safe. If he survives the week, the former frontrunner may need a real showstopper to stay alive.

Meanwhile, on Team Street, 68% of users are betting on Alfonso’s exit. She landed in the bottom-two last week for the first time, and though the judges adored her jazz routine with all-star Marko Germar, the judges also adored the performances of all her teammates – Eddie Eskridge, Virgil Gadson and Jaja Vankova – who were safe last week. So it’s possible Alfonso’s best might not be good enough at this stage of the competition.

But another 21% of users think Neptune will be eliminated instead. Neptune has been at the bottom more often than Alfonso, but he’s been peaking at just the right time and a string of standout performances might even make him a threat to win at this stage of the competition.

Who should you predict? Our user Denton Davidson predicted last week’s show perfectly, winning our predictions contest, and he agrees with our consensus that Piquette and Alfonso will be eliminated, but he thinks Payne will be in the bottom but safe on Team Stage instead of Nowakowski.

Our predictions leader for the season to date, EmmyLoser, is also predicting Piquette to get the axe, but he’s going out on a limb predicting that Neptune will join him. Since their picks differ this week, Monday night’s results could lead to a significant change on our predictions leaderboard.

So You Think You Can Dance’ Poll: Who do YOU want to win this season?

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Which STREET dancer will be in the bottom but safe?

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Photo: Derek Piquette performs in “Top 10 Week.” Credit: Adam Rose/FOX

Photo: Megz Alfonso performs in “Top 10 Week.” Credit: Adam Rose/FOX

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