‘So You Think You Can Dance’ predictions: Are Hailee Payne & Megz Alfonso out?

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Our users are pretty sure they know who will be eliminated next on “So You Think You Can Dance,” but that was also true last week, when our predictions were only half right. We thought Derek Piquette (Team Stage) and Megz Alfonso (Team Street) would get the boot, but while Piquette was indeed sent home, Alfonso was unexpectedly spared, leaving Eddie Eskridge on the chopping block instead.

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This week we’re predicting Alfonso again, and this time it’s overwhelming. 88% of our users think this will be her last night on the show, giving her 2/13 odds. And it’s no wonder. Not only did her paso doble last week underwhelm the judges, she’s also facing two teammates who have been fan favorites throughout the season: Virgil Gadson and Jaja Vankova.

Meanwhile, Hailee Payne is the most likely to be eliminated from Team Stage, but the consensus there isn’t as strong. 62% of users think she’ll be ousted, giving her 8/13 odds.

Last week, Payne landed in the bottom two despite weeks of consistently lauded performances, while Jim Nowakowski, who has struggled for two weeks to connect to the style and emotions of his dances, sailed safely into the top six, but could there be a reversal this week? Nowakowski is predicted to be eliminated by 28% of users, so he may not be as safe as he once was.

User Eric Shi, aka “Eeric,” won our predictions contest last week, and he agrees that this week will be a tough call. “It seems pretty clear how the Street elimination will go,” he says, “but the Stage elimination will be interesting as to who goes home. Excited to see what happens.” He’s going with the consensus that Alfonso will be eliminated, but he’s one of the 28% betting that Nowakowski will also get the axe.

Our top user for the “SYTYCD” season to date is Michael Jenkins, aka “EmmyLoser,” with 54% accuracy after six weeks of predictions. He’s betting on the consensus picks of Alfonso and Payne.

Will one of them be right, or will we be in for another shocker when America narrows down the competition to the top four?

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In our “So You Think You Can Dance” predictions center, you get to answer the following questions each week:

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Which STAGE dancer will be in the bottom but safe?

Which STREET dancer will be in the bottom but safe?

Who will win ‘So You Think You Can Dance’?

At the end of each week, the eligible user with the highest prediction accuracy and most points will win a $100 Amazon gift certificate, so it’s beneficial to keep coming back often and making/updating your predictions.

Which dancers do you like (and dislike) the most? Are you on Team Stage or Team Street? Sound off in the comments section below, and join the discussion in Gold Derby’s reality TV forum.

Photo: Megz Alfonso performs in “Top 8 Week.” Credit: Mike Yarish/FOX

Photo: Hailee Payne performs in “Top 8 Week.” Credit: Mike Yarish/FOX

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