‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ ignites debate: Should awards wait to see all contenders?

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The Critics’ Choice Awards just agreed to addStar Wars: The Force Awakens” to their Best Picture lineup after previously announcing their nominees on December 14, just hours before the world premiere of this picture. Likewise, the SAG Awards opened up nominations on November 18 and closed them on December 7, before several key contenders like “Joy” and “The Hateful Eight” were widely screened.

What do YOU think, Derbyites: If an awards show’s eligibility period is the calendar year, should it wait until the following January to reveal nominees as does the Oscars?

Our readers, many of whom are Hollywood insiders, have been debating this hot topic in our all-new, much faster and easier-to-navigate forum. Read some of their comments below and then join the discussion right here.

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DamianWayne: Yes they should. Even announcing at the end of December (even with the holiday) is better than what’s happening now.

TWNickPeek: I think awards shows need to be legit and nominate and vote what they actually think is the best. Critics’ Choice has gotten more despicable adding “Star Wars” just for ratings and using copy and paste nominations just to predict the Oscars.

AMG: If you’re judging the best of the calendar year on film, surely you should wait until the actual end of that year to make your choices. On the other hand, if everyone waits there would be a huge onslaught, and wouldn’t all the ceremonies be later on to fit in the rounds of voting?

Emmy Runner: Pushing the SAG noms to the January and announcing them in the same time as Oscars would kill the meaning of that and they would be like the inferior little step-sister of AMPAS. Nah. At least, thanks to them, we have something to discuss now, in December.

AviChristiaans: No. Why should awards season be moved and not film releases? If films want to be part of the conversation, they should damn well release during the conversation. Has always been like that.

patmcb: It’s supposed to be the year’s best (in this case 2015) of film. Why should a film be penalized for releasing late in the year of 2015? It’s still a viable contender because it was released during this year…so why penalize it for that? Pretty hypocritical/ironic.

BenitoDelicias: The idea of every awards group is that they SHOULD watch every movie in contention or every movie that WANTS to be in contention. So if screeners and screenings are available then watch them, see them, judge them. If you didn’t see them, don’t vote for them.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Oscar experts predict Best Picture nomination

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