‘Survivor’ finale: Kelley Wentworth, Keith Nale & Kimmi Kappenberg on ‘crazy’ Tribal Council (Exclusive Videos)

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Fans of “Survivor” are in agreement: The Tribal Council that took place near the start of the “Survivor: Second Chance” season finale was one of the best of all time. Kimmi Kappenberg‘s ouster was monumental in that she at first received no votes, as Kelley Wentworth and Jeremy Collins both played hidden immunity idols that canceled them all out. Kimmi was eventually eliminated in a roundtable group discussion, as the revote ended in a deadlock. On the red carpet at Wednesday’s finale, Kelley, Keith Nale and Kimmi discuss that Tribal Council and the show’s legacy to Gold Derby. Watch our full interviews below.

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“It’s still a blur,” Kelley says about that one-of-a-kind Tribal Council. “And watching it on TV and seeing Jeff Probst explaining it, it’s still confusing. Because I thought it’s rocks, but then we had to choose, and Keith’s maybe going home. Reliving that was so crazy! In the moment, I didn’t even know what was going on.”

Despite almost quitting during that crazy Tribal, Keith admits, “I wanted it, I’m telling you. It’s hard to explain. You give it your all and it just doesn’t happen. As a matter of fact, I came into this season not wanting to disappoint. The fans voted you in and that’s a heck of blessing and you do your best.”

Since Kimmi is one of the original players coming from Season 2, we asked her to talk a bit about the show’s legacy and staying power. “I think it’s popular because there is always going to be somebody on that cast that a person and general population can identify with. There’s somebody that represents almost every walk of life on the show. The audience can see themselves being there.”

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