‘Survivor: Second Chance’: 5 burning questions for castoff Andrew Savage

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Were you one of the millions of people across America whose jaw was on the floor following Andrew Savage‘s elimination from “Survivor: Second Chance“? You’re not alone. After Kelley Wentworth pulled out her hidden immunity idol to save herself, Andrew reveals that he assumed Jeremy Collins would be the one heading home. After reading our five burning questions for Andrew below, go and make your “Survivor” predictions for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It’s fun and easy, so get started by scrolling down to predict which castaway will be kicked off the island next.

Who will win ‘Survivor: Second Chance’? See exclusive predictions

According to exclusive Gold Derby odds that were derived from the predictions made by contest entrants like you, Andrew only had 33/1 odds (3% chance) of being voted out. Most of our readers thought that either Stephen Fishbach (21/20 odds), Ciera Eastin (3/1 odds) or Joe Anglim (9/1 odds) would be heading home instead, but all managed to survive yet another Tribal Council.

Here’s our one-on-one chat with Andrew following his elimination:

Andrew, that was one of the most shocking Tribal Councils in a long, long time. What was going through your mind the moment you saw Kelley pull out that idol?

I first thought, “Oh no, my brother Jeremy is going home.” I thought after Joe (since he had the necklace) Jeremy is the biggest threat. I’m the old guy, certainly they wouldn’t target me. Man, was I wrong!

You guys split the vote last week on the off chance that Kass had a hidden immunity idol. Why didn’t you split the vote this week?

We discussed it. We had no idea idols were in play. We thought Wentworth wouldn’t suspect votes going her way because Ciera is the next logical choice based on last tribal. Splitting votes is risky and also takes a ton of mental energy to lock down. I had a badly infected toe from a poisonous spider and wasn’t feeling well. Jeremy thought we should blindside Wentworth and then make good on my and Joe’s desire to take out Fishbach at the next tribal. A massive mistake by me to not split the votes.

Why did Ciera have it out for you so badly? Was there a personal grudge?

Yeah, a personal grudge I suppose because I offered her name to be the decoy in the Spencer blindside. My bad for putting her name out there. I should have offered myself to be the decoy.

What’s the big difference between the way you played this time and the way you played back in Pearl Islands?

This time I was able to play a more strategic game. Tasha and I flipped the Angkor tribe from top to bottom in a day and a half and blindsided Peih-Gee. That type of thing didn’t happen in Pearl Islands.

Is there anyone from your original season that you’re still in touch with on a regular basis?

Yes, we call ourselves the Morgan 5. I am still close with Tijuana, Darah, Osten and Ryno. They are great people and close friends.

Thanks Andrew!

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