‘Survivor: Second Chance’: Kass McQuillen has 13-to-10 odds to be eliminated at the merge

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According to current Gold Derby odds, Kass McQuillen has leading 13/10 odds to be the first elimination of the new merged tribe. All season we’ve seen a new side of Kass, dubbed “Calm Kass,” a more personable version of “Chaos Kass” that played “Survivor: Cagayan.” Last week Chaos Kass came out to play, blindsiding Andrew Savage who had initiated a plan to vote out Spencer Bledsoe. Siding with her nemesis, Kass chose to save Spencer, but will the emergence of the old, diabolical Kass lead to her elimination?

Let’s take a look at the two sides of Kass and how each has made an impact on the season so far. After reading my analysis below, hurry and make your “Survivor” predictions for this week’s episode and you could win our prize of a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

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Calm Kass

In a season where most players are attempting to right the wrongs of their first attempt, Kass emerged immediately as having one of the most honest assessments of her previous game. Vowing to connect with tribe mates on a more personal level, Kass began the game very low-key and under-the-radar.

Having won the first five immunity challenges, Kass didn’t have to go to Tribal Council until last week. Without having to vote anyone out for five episodes, Kass never really had the need to strategize or worry. Calm Kass was at her best on New Ta Keo when the five-person alliance of her, Ciera, Joe, Keith and Kelley was established. Building personal connections and a loyal alliance was Kass’ biggest fault in Cagayan.

Kass has had a tremendous edit so far this season, suggesting that her narrative about personal growth and adaptation to the game is integral to the overall narrative of the season. Some would say this is strong evidence that Calm Kass is the dominant version this season and she may go deep into the game.

Chaos Kass

By her own admission, being on the same tribe as Spencer was Kass’ biggest worry about this season and as soon as they were switched to the same tribe we found out why — Chaos Kass emerged immediately, and almost unexpectedly, to reignite the old feud.

In Cagayan, voting out Spencer would have been the sign that Kass was playing as Chaos, but in Cambodia it was the act of saving him that proved more chaotic. Alienating former alliance members, Kass became the instrument of a major blindside and with the merge coming this week it could remind the others that she may not have truly turned over a new leaf.

The preview trailer for this week’s episode is Kass-centric and is shown giving a verbal warning to the others, “You’ve just unleashed the beast.” Is this a sign that Chaos Kass hasn’t gone back into hiding? Being the power-mover at the merge is never a good spot to be in and may bring too much unwanted attention to her (in)ability to play a calm game.

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