‘Survivor: Second Chance’ cast: Will firefighter Jeremy Collins lead himself to victory?

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Will Jeremy Collins win “Survivor: Second Chance“? With the show’s 31st season set to premiere on CBS Sept. 23, keep coming back to Gold Derby for in-depth analyses of all 20 returning players, including pros and cons that may affect their chances this time around. Hurry – make your “Survivor” predictions for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It’s fun and easy, so get started by scrolling down to predict which castaway will be kicked off the island first.

Who will win ‘Survivor: Second Chance’? See exclusive predictions

Jeremy Collins
Previous Finish: 10th place
Season 29: San Juan del Sur

After his wife Val was voted out second in “Survivor: San Juan del Sur,” firefighter Jeremy went into full game mode and made a strong alliance with eventual winner Natalie Anderson, who’d also lost her loved one early. By regrouping after his wife’s elimination, Jeremy showed a strong knack for playing on his feet in a truly unpredictable season.

Jeremy and Josh Canfield were both vying for power of the merged tribes, but ultimately their separate alliances took out both leaders in two consecutive weeks, proving that “San Juan del Sur” was a season dominated by followers. Will Jeremy’s leadership abilities take him farther than 10th place for his “Second Chance”? Gold Derby odds to win: 25/1

Jeremy’s ability to switch up his game at a moment’s notice should propel him far into the game. One of his greatest moves in Season 29 was aligning with eventual winner Natalie following his wife’s early demise.

As a firefighter, Jeremy possesses the physical prowess that could prove beneficial to his new tribe. No one will want to vote out a physical threat until later in the game, at which point he could save himself by winning individual challenges.

Jeremy seems to be comfortable in the leadership position, but in a season of all-stars, leaders might be targeted sooner rather than later.

Despite having a “firefighters alliance” with Keith Nale last time, Keith had no trouble throwing him under the bus. Will Jeremy make the same mistake this time in trusting the wrong people?

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