‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ predictions: Joe Anglim is favorite to win with 1/10 odds

CBS is treating fans with back-to-back all-new episodes of “Survivor: Worlds Apart” Wednesday night, so you’ll find two different events to play in our predictions center. Don’t forget to predict BOTH “Survivor” episodes — click here to start!

According to the users who’ve already made their predictions for Episodes 4 and 5, jewelry designer Joe Anglim has the best chance of winning Season 30 with leading 1/10 odds.

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Here’s the breakdown of how all 15 remaining castaways currently fare in terms of becoming this season’s winner, according to Gold Derby’s exclusive predictions:

1.) Joe Anglim – 1/10 odds

2.) Shirin Oskooi – 1/2 odds

3.) Max Dawson – 1/1 odds

4.) Jenn Brown – 3/2 odds

5.) Joaquin Souberbielle – 2/1 odds

6.) Tyler Fredrickson – 3/1 odds

7.) Rodney Lavoie – 4/1 odds

8.) Lindsey Cascaddan – 5/1 odds

9.) Carolyn Rivera – 6/1 odds

10.) Sierra Thomas – 13/2 odds

11.) Will Sims – 8/1 odds

12.) Hali Ford – 9/1 odds

13.) Mike Holloway – 10/1 odds

14.) Dan Foley – 12/1 odds

15.) Kelly Remington – 14/1 odds

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