5 reasons why you should predict Kelly Remington to win ‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’

I don’t usually get squeamish. (In fact, my favorite parts of “The Walking Dead” are when the zombies rip apart their human victims and devour their flesh.) However, watching all that blood pouring out of Kelly Remington‘s head on Wednesday’s episode of “Survivor: Worlds Apart” forced me to look away from the TV. So … much … blood.

Are you impressed that Kelly decided to remain in the challenge, refusing to back down despite cracking her head open? I am, which means I just moved her up to my #1 position in our Survivor” prediction contest. Readers, I urge you to move Kelly up in your predictions as well, because she’s currently only in tenth place to win (9/1 odds) according to Gold Derby’s overall predictions. That’s way too low, don’t you think?

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Previously, I had Joaquin Souberbielle in my #1 position to win, but I just don’t think he has the self-awareness it takes to be a champion. I’ll never forgive him for taking the “deception” clue in the first episode and then lying to his tribe about the consequences.

Below, my 5 reasons for why Kelly deserves to win Season 30.

1.) Six stitches.
People have quit over less. But not Kelly. Even as she was bleeding from the head, getting six stitches, she never gave up and didn’t complain even once. Talk about a winning attitude. (See our photo gallery below of the complete list of “Survivor” quitters.)

2.) All alone.
After the tribe mix-up, Kelly was the only person from her original Blue Collar tribe to switch over to the new Nagarote tribe. Most people would have seen that as a disadvantage, but Kelly maneuvered her way into that tribe and is now one of the people calling the shots.

3.) Undercover cop.
Like Season 28 winner Tony Vlachos, Kelly is a cop who can analyze people and get a sense of whether they’re lying. That ability will come in very handy as the number of castaways dwindles and it becomes every man for himself.

4.) Extremely likeable.

After five episodes, we still haven’t heard one person say something negative about Kelly. If she makes it to the finals, she could easily win over the jury.

5.) Two for two.
Kelly has attended two Tribal Councils and both times the person she voted for (Lindsey Cascaddan and Max Dawson) went home. That’s a great track record to have so early in the game because it means she’s not making any unnecessary enemies.

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By switching from Joaquin to Kelly, I lost all of the points I would have received up until now if Joaquin ends up being the winner. At Gold Derby, we get 200 points per week for every episode that we stick with the correct winner. But if Kelly does end up winning, it’s better to switch now rather than later because the points continue to accrue every week for correct winner predictions.

Tyler Fredrickson currently leads Gold Derby’s charts for who’ll win Season 30. You can follow everybody else and pick Tyler, too, but the odds are bad. You’ll only win 1/10 odds going with Tyler. But if you pick a longshot like Kelly and turn out to be right you can have the most points (she has 9/1 odds) and that can be the key to winning if there’s a tie between players in terms of percentage accuracy.

Where do you fall on our Season 30 leaderboard? The top scorers so far are Smartdude in first place with 80% accuracy, CarlinhosFelipe in second place with 75%, Taloson in third place with 75% and Benutty in fourth place with 70%. Can YOU take down these frontrunners to win our prizes?

Last week Benutty came out on top in our weekly leaderboard thanks to smart betting. Even though he tied 21 other players for highest accuracy rate (75%), he led the pack by a slim edge of 10 game points.

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