‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ castoff Lindsey Cascaddan dishes feud with Rodney (Podcast)

“If you go into ‘Survivor’ and you think that you’re not gonna rub heads or you expect not to … you’re not there to play hard,” says “Survivor” castoff Lindsey Cascaddan to Gold Derby after her elimination (listen to the podcast below). “Rodney Lavoie and I are both out for blood. We want to win. [But] I think it was the personal things — the attacks at women, maybe the things that were too vulgar to even be aired — that got under my skin.”

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Lindsey continues, “At the end of the day, Rodney and I will never see eye to eye on morals. We’ll never have conversations on politics and religion and love that jive. But we’re not raising kids together and we’re not married and we never will be, so that’s all right.”

What about Lindsey’s declaration that the winner will be from the Blue Collar tribe? “I think Day 1, not knowing anyone, that statement was sort of a statement to unite us, it was something to hold on to. It was there to spark a fire, to spark a dream. And it did that. Of course I think the Blue Collar team has the winner on it. I think that winning ‘Survivor’ takes a certain amount of stupid, it takes a certain amount of smart, it takes a certain amount of crazy and it takes a certain amount of hard work. And if you don’t have all of those elements, you simply can’t win.”

Scroll down to listen to our entire Q&A podcast with Lindsey, including being tethered to an injured Kelly Remington, what her audition process was like and what kind of blow back she received last week when she made that comment about Mike Holloway‘s religion.

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