‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ castoff Max Dawson: My family was ‘proud’ of nakedness (Podcast)

“My family was proud about the fact that I looked so goddamned hot,” jokes “Survivor” castoff Max Dawson to Gold Derby about his penchant for walking around the island naked (listen to the podcast below). “My mother is the biggest ‘Survivor’ fan of all time. She did not mind at all so long as it didn’t hurt my game. And I don’t think it did hurt my game. I never got any indication from my fellow tribe members or from the edit that my nakedness had anything to do with my downfall.”

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Max gives us some insight into his “Survivor” downfall, admitting, “My biggest mistake was simultaneously underestimating and overestimating Carolyn Rivera. I thought that by not looking for the idol she was displaying a lack of game savvy — that she was a bit of an old school ‘Survivor’ player, someone that didn’t believe in strategy or didn’t believe in big moves.”

Of his fellow players, Max notes, “The ‘Dirty 30’ as we call ourselves are probably the tightest cast in the history of the show. We spend an inordinate of time hanging out … We get together and relive the worries, the triumphs and the agonies of defeats from our time out on ‘Survivor.'”

Scroll down to listen to our entire Q&A podcast with Max, including getting close to Shirin Oskooi, his personal feelings on original naked player Richard Hatch and collaborating with the production team.

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