‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ recap: Joaquin and Rodney’s blindsided bromance

The fateful bromance between Joaquin Souberbielle and Rodney Lavoie ended up being Joaquin’s downfall on “Survivor: Worlds Apart” Wednesday night. If you predicted that Joaquin would be blindsided, why are you not taking part in our “Survivor” prediction contest? Hurry — make your own predictions now and you could win our weekly prize of a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It’s fun and easy!

During Wednesday’s episode, we also saw the underrated Nagarote tribe win both the reward and immunity challenges, setting the stage for what would have been a spectacular tribe vs. tribe season … if not for next week’s merge. The “Odd Woman Out” from the title ended up being Sierra Thomas, who sealed Joaquin’s fate when she agreed to join back up with her former Blue Collar tribe members.

Joaquin was actually ranked third in Gold Derby’s predictions to go home with 8/1 odds. Shirin Oskooi was our first-place pick to get the boot with 6/5 odds, followed by Dan Foley in second place with 11/2 odds. Click on the chart to the right to see our readers’ complete predictions for Episode 6, titled “Odd Woman Out.”

Who will win ‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’? See exclusive predictions!

Congrats to our user Benutty for winning this week’s episode contest. This reader wins a $100 Amazon gift certificate thanks to reaping 75% accuracy and 6,400 points for his predictions that Joaquin would go home, that Nagarote would win the Immunity challenge and that a hidden Immunity idol would not be played (see predix). Check out Benutty’s name at the top of this week’s episode leaderboard.

How did Benutty pull off his victory? “This week I had a pretty good idea Joaquin was going home due in large part to the commercials that CBS ran leading up to the episode,” he explains. “There was a heavy focus on the bromance between Rodney and Joaquin, but with a majority of old Blue Collars still on his tribe it was unlikely that Rodney would be taken out by his own alliance this early. The episode title also suggested that Sierra would feel like the swing vote, or ‘odd woman out,’ playing a major role in who went home. I was almost swayed by how heavily favored Dan was to go home, but I could not work out a scenario in my head where he would even become the target of a Joaquin/Tyler/Joe/Sierra alliance (had one developed).”

Benutty even got to submit a question for Joaquin during our exit interview, which Joaquin answers live on the podcast below around the 4:30 mark.

Where do you fall on our overall Season 30 leaderboard?

For the entire season so far, three of our users are all tied with 71% accuracy, though they’re separated by their point scores: Smartdude is in first place with 72,038 points, Benutty is in second place with 28,744 points and Taloson is in third place with 14,423 points. Just behind them in fourth place is CarlinhosFelipe with 67% accuracy, followed by two users who are tied at 54% accuracy: JasonNolette and Dfranco.

Can YOU beat these frontrunners to win our prizes? Then be sure to take part in our “Survivor” prediction contest. We’re giving away $100 Amazon gift certificates to our weekly winners plus at season’s end. The deadline for each episode is Wednesday at 4 p.m. PT.

Our current overall leader Smartdude missed out on calling the elimination of Joaquin in “Odd Woman Out,” instead predicting Kelly Remington would go home (see predix). But Smartdude did so well at predicting previous “Survivor” episodes that he’s still our #1 reader to take down, proving that it’s possible to do well in our contests without getting everything right.

Remember that coming out on top doesn’t just mean answering that week’s questions correctly. You also have to use your three big bets (500 points and two of 200 points) strategically to score the most game points. If you bet on a longshot who pulls off an upset, you can really rack up the points, so don’t take them for granted.

5 reasons why you should predict Kelly Remington to win ‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’

To vote for who think will go home next on “Survivor,” drag contestants over from the left to the right and arrange them in your predicted order. For example, if you think Kelly will be eliminated, make sure you put her in first place. You can continue to update and change your predictions throughout the week, just click “Save Predictions” when you’ve settled on your choice.

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