Top 10 hottest forum posts: Taylor Swift at Grammys, Alicia Vikander at Oscars … for ‘Ex Machina’?

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It has been a jam-packed week for showbiz awards, with Grammy nominations announced Monday (December 7), followed by SAG Award nominations for film and TV on Wednesday (Dec. 9) and Golden Globe nominations on Thursday (Dec. 10). With so much to discuss, what topics and insights got our forum posters, many of who are Hollywood insides, the most riled?

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Taylor Swift racked up seven Grammy nominations, including Album of the Year for “1989” and Record and Song of the Year for “Blank Space.” But our forum posters can’t agree on whether she deserves those and if she’s as big a frontrunner to win as she was before nominations were announced. Her Album of the Year rivals Alabama Shakes (“Sound and Color“) and Kendrick Lamar (“To Pimp a Butterfly“) are breathing down her neck thanks to their strong showings overall.

Our film posters are debating what the SAG Awards and Golden Globes mean for the Oscar race, including whether Rooney Mara (“Carol“) and Alicia Vikander (“The Danish Girl“) should be nominated for lead, supporting or not at all. And with Vikander’s surprise Golden Globe bid for “Ex Machina” in the supporting category, could that film be her ticket to Oscar instead?

Read their comments below, and click on each forum topic title to jump directly into that conversation.

taloson: I am very confident Alabama Shakes will win [Album of the Year at the Grammys]. They’re the perfect cross section in that they’re a classic feeling rock band with an alternative twist, so they’re traditional but still cool enough. The Kendrick Lamar album probably won’t appeal to all the older white men in the academy, even with all the critical acclaim … And I doubt voters will want to award Taylor Swift again so soon after “Fearless”. So in sum, Alabama Shakes is in that perfect sweet spot. (Who else is feeling an Alabama Shakes Grammy win coming?)

TWNickPeek: I don’t know how people can say rap isn’t “real music” but worship the absolutely untalented, uninspired, teen boppy “tunes” that soar out of Taylor Swift. “Blank Space” wasn’t even that good of a song, just like “Shake it Off.” And “Bad Blood” is deplorable. (What are your LEAST FAVORITE Grammy nominations?)

TomisinWilliams: Wow at the Taylor Swift hate. I think she deserved all her nominations. “Bad Blood” got in because of Kendrick. A lot of you seem to forget that Taylor is probably the most hard-working woman in the industry these days. She is an incredible songwriter … I really don’t get the hate. She literally has done nothing wrong. I would not say I am a fan but I will giver her credit on her career. (What are your LEAST FAVORITE Grammy nominations?)

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mikeboy888: I just love that critics are eating UP “Mr. Robot.” it is quickly becoming THE new golden child in the industry. I predict it picking up several more nominations throughout the awards season, leading to a big Emmy showing this summer. Haters, to the left, please. (Golden Globes TV Reactions Thread)

Eddy Q: I hope that the Oscar nominations this year will reflect on the dangers, both ethical and strategic, of fraudulent campaigning. In other words, I hope Mara either gets into lead or misses out altogether (preferably the former) … [Jacob Tremblay in “Room“] is tricky, but I just don’t see him being taken seriously as a lead. The inevitable passion votes he’ll get in supporting probably means he’ll be nominated there. Judging by all that it doesn’t look like category fraud is going away any time soon. Damn. (Could this year be a category-fraud tipping point at Oscars?)

MysteriousRent: I have long expected [Mark Rylance to win Best Supporting Actor for “Bridge of Spies.”] He might well be the most respected English-language actor on the planet through his stage work, and his role and performance are the kind of thing other actors will really see accomplishment in. Add that to the ability to give a legitimate award to a movie that seems to be liked but unlikely to win elsewhere. It’s many of the same reasons that made me never waver in predicting Tilda Swinton for “Michael Clayton.” (Are We Underestimating Rylance and Shannon?)

benutty: Michael Shannon [SAG and Golden Globe] nominations give the entire race a much-needed shot in the arm. I hope he wins everything he’s nominated for so that no studio, no campaign and no actor ever feels like the gauntlet is insurmountable. (Are We Underestimating Rylance and Shannon?)

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FilmGuy619: With all this confusion surrounding the campaigns of both Mara and Vikander, I fear they will be “Johanssoned” and miss out. But Vikander still has her “Ex Machina” performance in the conversation thanks to her Globe nod and wins at DC and LAFCA. She even just got a Detroit nod for her work in “Ex Machina.” If she collects more hardware for “Ex Machina,” she might slowly become in the conversation more for that. (Best Supporting Actress for Oscars)

OperaJunky: At first I wasn’t sure about why [Vikander] would be nominated [for “Ex Machina”], but she just dominates the last 10 minutes of the film. I’d be totally fine with a nomination for her. The best performance in the film is Oscar Isaac. My god, he is just fantastic. Charming, yet sleazy.  Manipulative, yet kind of endearing. I know he won’t get a nomination, but he really deserves one. (FYC: Alicia Vikander in “Ex Machina”)

manakamana: As for the last [Best Actor Oscar] slot, they could go for Matt Damon but it seems weird that he nor his film could make a splash at SAG being as visible as it is. I would LOVE for Geza Rohrig to make it in, but it doesn’t seem like the critics have decided to champion that movie in the way they maybe need to for him to make a splash. Also, if they’re watching “99 Homes” for Shannon then surely they can see that Andrew Garfield is as good as anyone in this conversation. (Best Actor for Oscars)

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