‘The Amazing Race’ predictions: Blind Date couple Tyler and Laura for the win?

Adam Rock, who topped the leaderboard last week in our “Amazing Race” predictions contest, admits he is torn between two of the remaining five couples when it comes to which will win: “As I’ve watched the last few weeks I’m starting to think that it will either be Tyler and Laura or Blair and Hayley. I think if I had to choose one I’d go with Tyler and Laura.”

Do you agree? After reading his takes on the other teams, be sure to make your predictions for the outcome of this week’s episode and you might win a $100 Amazon gift certificate and a place of honor on our leaderboards. It’s fun and easy, so start now by scrolling down and predicting who will be eliminated next.

Rock is 22 and hails from Toronto, Canada where he is an accounting student. As for why he is backing one Blind Date couple over the other, he explains, “they seem to get along much better and are just the stronger team overall.” 

He was one of nine users to get two of the five weekly questions about the second half of last Friday’s doubleheader (the Express Pass question is now out of play) correct. He broke the tie by racking up the most points. He savvily placed his 500-point superbet on Aly and Steve losing this leg when they had odds of 6/1 and that earned him 3,000 points.

How did he have the foresight to predict them? “I knew that because of the double episode it was likely that the first episode was going to be a non-elimination. Due to the fact that there was a double U-Turn expected, I knew one of the stronger teams might have been a real possibility to go home (most likely taking place in the 2nd episode).”

As for which, he concedes, “I could have easily picked a number of strong teams but I felt like at this point in the race Aly and Steve were going to be the team others were going to target. I felt like I was sort of going out on a limb with this pick but it looks like it worked out!” He explains his reasoning thus: “My decision to pick Aly and Steve was sort of based on a gamble that I thought a strong team may be U-Turned which could lead to an elimination.”

For Rock, choosing how to allocate his superbets is as important as the actual predictions. “I usually place my 200-point bet on the pick I am most confident in (such as will the Express Pass be used?) to ensure I get a good amount of points. I place my 500-point bet usually on which team will be eliminated, because if I get it right then the benefit of being correct will be more rewarding in terms of points.” 

How does this fan size up the season so far? “I thought it was a neat idea doing the blind date concept. I think it’s cool having a mix of teams that have known each other for quite a while and couples that had never met prior to the race. It creates for an interesting group of people.”

Make your first prediction as to which team will be eliminated this Friday using the menu to the right. Don’t worry, you can keep changing your predictions right up until show time. But we urge you not to wait till then. 

Why? Because your predictions will factor into our official racetrack odds that are pored over by other “Race” fans and TV execs who want to know which teams you love and hate, who you want to win and who you are desperate to see get a send-off. 

To make your weekly predictions, just log in to your account (or create a free one), click on “The Amazing Race” button and answering these questions:

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Which team will win ‘The Amazing Race’?

Despite only going 4/10 over last Friday’s two episodes, JasonNolette remains in first place on our season leaderboard with an overall average of 55% correct. Will anyone be able to catch him in the weeks remaining? The overall winner will get bragging rights till the next season of the “Race” and a place of honor in our hall of fame

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