‘The Amazing Race’ finale predictions: Tyler and Laura have leading odds of 11/8 to win

According to Gold Derby’s official odds, it looks like Tyler and Laura will win this season of “The Amazing Race” on Friday. They are one of three Blind Date couples still in contention and lead with odds of 11/8. Their closest rivals, the battling Blair and Hayley, have odds of 21/10 to pull off an upset. At the back of the back with odds of 13/2 are both the newly matched Jelani and Jenny and the lone long-term couple still in contention, Rochelle and Mike

What do you think will happen as these final four race to the finish line one last time. This is your last chance to enter our predictions contest? You could win a $100 Amazon gift certificate and a place of honor on our leaderboards. Do you have what it takes to be the best among the most fervent fans of the “Race”?

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As I discuss in the video below with fellow “Race” fan and Gold Derby editor Marcus Dixon, if I follow his advice and go with Tyler and Laura, I will only earn 137 points if they win given their leading odds. 

However, if I predict the longshots Rochelle and Mike and put my 500-point super bet on them, I will claim a whopping 3,250 points. 

This is where the strategy — and fun — comes into play here at Gold Derby when making your weekly predictions.

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Last week, only 14% of our users correctly pegged that this would be a non-elimination leg. However,  40% of us predicted that Blair and Hayley would bicker their way to another first-place finish. We overestimated the potential of Tyler and Laura coming in first again as they ended up in third. Three-quarters of us nailed that there would not be a U-Turn. But only 1 in 15 predicted that there would not be a Date Night. 

One of our users — Brunoalv — got all four of these weekly questions correct. He savvily placed his 500-point superbet on no team being eliminated when that option had odds of 20/1. That move earned him 10,000 points. And he picked up 1,400 points for predicting that there would not be a Date Night when that had odds of 14/1.

Five of our users went three for four. 

Among these is our overall leader JasonNolette. He solidified his first place standing on our overall leaderboard. He has an overall average of 59% correct.

Also batting .750 was our overall second place userwhile Erik10101. He is now up a point to 51%.

With her 75% accuracy this week, Magic 8 Ball kept hold of third place and remains at 49%.

Be sure to click on each of those user names to see which team these top-notch prognosticators is predicting to win the final leg and the one million dollars. And check out the order that they foresee the other three teams reaching the finish line. 

And then watch Marcus and I do battle. 

You have till 5 p.m. PT/ 8 p.m. ET on Friday to enter your own predictions. 

Get started by clicking on one of the four remaining teams in the carousel to the right as your pick for the “Race” champs. Don’t worry, you can keep changing your predictions right up until show time. But we urge you not to wait till then. 


Because your predictions will factor into our official racetrack odds that are pored over by other “Race” fans and TV execs who want to know which teams you love and hate, who you want to win and who you are desperate to see get a send-off. 

To make your weekly predictions, just log in to your account (or create a free one), click on “The Amazing Race” button and answer these questions:

Which team will win?

Which team will place second?

Which team will place third?

Which team will place fourth?

After logging in, click on the “Predictions” button found at the top-right of every page.

That will bring you to a list of every event currently being predicted at Gold Derby.

We are forecasting everything from the results on reality TV shows like “Survivor” to the champs of TV talent shows such as “The Voice” to the winners of the Primetime Emmys as well as the Billboard Music and Tony Awards. 

Click on any box to bring up that event, then scroll down to start making your predictions. 

For each TV show, cast your votes on several different questions relating to the upcoming episode. And remember to place your super 500 and 200-point bets wisely. We use these point totals to break any tie at the top of our weekly and overall leaderboards. 

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