‘The Amazing Race’ poll: Which dating couple is your favorite? (Cast your vote)

This season of “The Amazing Race” pits six long-term couples against five pairings of people that met at the starting line. After five episodes, we have seen the eliminations of three of the couples and one of the “blind date” teams. Which of the three remaining dating couples is your favorite? And do you think they will win the “Race”?

Cast your vote in our poll at the bottom of this post. Then make your predictions as to what will happen on tonight’s show and you could win our weekly prize of a $100 Amazon gift certificate and a place of honor on our reality TV leaderboards. It’s fun and easy! 

Of the five legs to date, only two have been won by a duo of long-term daters: truck stop duo Rochelle and Mike surprised even themselves with their first place finish in leg three while Olympian lovebird Aly and Steve took the most recent leg (winning a pair of matching cars for their efforts).

Legal eagles and blind daters Jelani and Jenny won both the first and second legs while blonde blind daters Bergen and Kurt prevailed in the fourth leg but fell to last place and elimination in the fifth.

However, none of these teams is being touted by our users as the most likely to finish first this week. Rather, our odds favor first place going to the blind daters Tyler and Laura, who both hail from Southern California. Aly and Steve, who have dated for seven months, are in second while the newly engaged Matt and Ashley are in third. 

After voting in our poll for your favorite dating couple, be sure to make your prediction as to which team will be eliminated. 

Who do you think will falter at this stage of the game? Let’s take a look at who our contest leaders have in their sights.

Two of our overall leaders, Magic 8 Ball and Vinny, are predicting it will be the end of the road for Rochelle and Mike as does our most recent weekly winner, eeric. And while this dating couple is getting along well, the same cannot be said of blind daters Blair and Hayley who sit in the sights of just as many of our users to be eliminated this week. Indeed, both pairs have odds of 10/3 to finish last in this leg. 

Also spending a lot of time sparring is another random coupling, Jelani and Jenny, who went from two successive first place finishes to third and then seventh before rallying back to a fourth place finish last week. Maybe I should put my 500 point super bet on them being eliminated. At their current odds of 5/1, I would earn 2,500 points if they end up being axed.  (You also get two super bets of 200 points each every week; the other questions are set at 100 points per.)

Help me make a decision by entering your prediction as to which team will get eliminated. Your choice will figure in our odds, which are updated constantly until show time on Friday. To get started, just dragging teams from left to the right in your forecasted order of likelihood of being eliminated.

For example, if you think the journey is over for Rochelle and Mike make sure to have them in first place. You can continue to update and change your predictions throughout the week until 4 p.m. PT each Friday. Just click “Save Predictions” when you’ve settled on your choice.

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