‘The Amazing Race’ recap: Did you predict who would be eliminated on ‘Where My Dogs At’?

Did you know which of the nine couples competing in “Where My Dogs At?,” the third leg of “The Amazing Race,” was going to be sent packing? If you got the result right, why are you not taking part in our predictions contest? Every week, someone will win a $100 Amazon gift certificate and the top place on our leaderboards. Do you have what it takes to be the best among the most fervent fans of the “Race”?

To get started CLICK HERE or scroll down and make your first prediction using our easy drag-and-drop menu. Don’t worry, you can keep changing your predictions right up until show time. But we urge you not to wait till then. 

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Why? Because your predictions will factor into our official racetrack odds that are pored over by other “Race” fans and TV execs who want to know which teams you love and hate, who you want to win and who you are desperate to see get a send-off. 

Many of our readers already taking part in the predictions contest got it right this week.

Brothers Ernest and Jin had leading odds of 21/20 (48% chance) of being eliminated. And, indeed, they were the last to the mat. Contest entrants who predicted these street dancers as the team to be eliminated reaped the rewards of their bets. 

Cheerleaders Tiffany and Krista, who had odds of 5/1 to be bounced, narrowly missed elimination by finishing just ahead of Ernest and Jin. However, TV reporters Kelsey and Joey did much better than expected and finished third from the top, not bottom. 

A plurality of our predictors got it right that Team Texas — Tanner and Josh — would finish first. Last week’s leg winners, Justin and Diana, defied your expectations (and odds of 33/1) to rally for a close second place finish. 

Congratulations to our 10 readers who predicted both the teams that would win and lose as well as that there would not be a U-turn and that the express pass would not be used. UTurnThis broke this tie by savvy placement of the three big bets (500 points and two of 200 points), which racked up 2,000 points. If eligible, as per our contest rules, UTurnThis will win a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

Check out the overall Season 27 leaderboard to the right. Brulash82 has overall accuracy of 92% and 4,744 points. There are still many weeks left to play in our contest and be eligible to win both our weekly and overall season prizes. Don’t forget to update YOUR predictions here.

To make your weekly predictions, just log in to your account (or create a free one), click on “The Amazing Race” button and start answering questions like:

Which team will win ‘The Amazing Race’?

Which team will be eliminated next?

Which team will place first in this leg?

Will the Save be used?

Will the Express Pass be used?

Answer our questions before every episode and you will earn points based on correct predictions. The deadline for the next episode is this coming Friday at 4 p.m. PT. 

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Click on any box to bring up that event, then scroll down to start making your predictions.

For each TV show, cast your votes on several different questions relating to the upcoming episode. And remember to place your special bets too. 

Below, get started with your predictions for “The Amazing Race” by picking which team will be eliminated next by using our easy drag-and-drop menu. 

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