‘The Amazing Race’ predictions: A non-elimination leg tonight?

According to predictions made so far in our contest, it looks like tonight’s episode of “The Amazing Race” will be a non-elimination leg. We’re four episodes into this 27th season and  historically that has been a time when the last team to the mat avoided being bounced. 

If one of the remaining eight teams does get eliminated, our contest entrants are predicting it will be Jazmine and Danielle. This athletic duo has odds of 6 to 1 to be ejected from the race in this Friday’s episode, “Good Old Fashioned Spit In The Face,” which takes place in Victoria Falls, Zambia. (Click on the chart to the left to see the odds and rankings for elimination as well as the winners of this leg and the season.)

Cheerleaders Tiffany and Krista have odds of 9/1 to be eliminated while mother/son pairing Denise and James are at 14/1 and newlyweds Cindy and Rick are at 20/1.  

In last week’s episode, Jazmine and Danielle finished in fourth while Tiffany and Krista narrowly avoided elimination in eight place just ahead of brothers Ernest and Jin who were eliminated.  Denise and James were sixth while Cindy and Rick were seventh. 

Check out the overall Season 27 leaderboard to the right.

Currently our #1 entry in our “Amazing Race” predicitons contest is Brulash82 with 92% accuracy and 4,744 points; he is predicting that no one will be booted this week AND that Tanner and Josh will win this leg. Do you agree?

Gold Derby users just like YOU often turn out to be our smartest prognosticators, so it’s important that you give us your predictions. There are still many weeks left to play in our predictions contest and win our weekly prizes. See our contest rules here and don’t forget to update YOUR predictions here.

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