‘The Amazing Race’: Can anyone beat Justin and Diana?

After barely escaping elimination in the first leg of “The Amazing Race,” Justin and Diana quickly rebounded and are now, unequivocally, the strongest team this season. Since that first leg, the pair has not placed worse than 2nd in any of the following six legs and in four of those they finished first.

Not surprisingly, they are once again predicted by our contest entrants to win this week’s leg of the race with 6/5 odds. Another such strong showing begs the question: Is there anyone left who can possibly beat them in the finals? Let’s run down Justin and Diana’s biggest threats.

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Tanner and Josh (odds to win: 11/10)

Though Justin and Diana have dominated the race leg-by-leg, these Texas boys remain our users’ pick to win the whole thing. After starting the race strong, finishing 1st twice and 2nd twice in the first four legs, their vulnerabilities have shown themselves recently causing them to fall to 4th in each of the last two legs.

If the guys want to take back the lead they may have to break their deal with Justin and Diana and U-Turn them the next chance they get.

Tiffany and Krista (odds to win: 17/2)

As Tanner and Josh seem to be sliding down the leaderboard, Tiffany and Krista continue to pick up steam. The cheerleaders started the race at the bottom in 10th followed by two legs in 8th, but with newfound confidence have surged toward the top to finish 2nd and 3rd in the last two legs.

A few legs ago the girls seemed like the most likely to be eliminated next, but if they can keep this current momentum not only could they continue to defy expectations but they might also become legitimate threats for the win.

Kelsey and Joey (odds to win: 14/1)

Middle-of-the-pack mainstays, the news anchors might be the most unassuming of all the threats. Had it not been for their difficulty at last week’s ship navigation Detour challenge, Kelsey and Joey may have very well clocked their first win of the season.

To compete with Justin and Diana, the news anchors will need to perform well with more consistency so that they can get and then keep a lead. 

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