Emmy spotlight: ‘The Good Wife’ episode ‘Cooked’ is one of show’s all-time best

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The Good Wife” is so hot right now, it’s hard to believe the CBS drama is in its seventh season. By dropping unnecessary storylines (Kalinda and Bishop) and giving Alicia yet another new life-changing wrinkle (working from home), the show has found new dynamics for many of its long-running characters. In particular, Sunday’s third episode of the season, titled “Cooked,” was a series highlight and proves that the show’s still just as good as ever.

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In the episode, Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and new friend Lucca (Cush Jumbo) worked together on a complicated court case involving a mysterious drug dealer, while Eli (Alan Cumming) encouraged Alicia and Veronica (Stockard Channing) to participate in a mother/daughter cooking TV show to help Peter’s (Chris Noth) campaign. The hour was written by Luke Schelhaas and directed by Michael Zinberg.

Despite years of high praise, “The Good Wife” has had a complicated history at the Emmy Awards. It hasn’t been nominated for Best Drama Series since Season 2 and, for the first time ever, it failed to win any acting Emmys at the most recent ceremony. Many awards pundits blame the show’s lack of Emmy attention on the TV academy’s love affair with cable and streaming services. Indeed, a network series hasn’t been nominated for Best Drama Series since “The Good Wife’s” last nomination back in 2011.

Our forum posters, many of whom are Hollywood insiders, have been weighing in on the stand-out episode of “The Good Wife.” Read some of their comments below and then join the fierce debate in our forums here.

PianoMann: “Cooked” is my favorite episode of the season thus far! As I’ve expressed earlier, I’ve thought Alicia’s new career and the new characters they’ve introduced into her universe have been great right from the season premiere.

Atypical: Very good episode. The show’s slowly crawling back to its former greatness in these early outings. I like this scrappier Alicia pushing her way through bond court and making a go of it there.

oopschoice: Best episode of the season so far and probably best episode of the year, too. I initially thought Alicia’s cooking show would take over the episode, but it provided a fun little moment with limited screen time. The case was intriguing and it was great to see dynamics between characters that hadn’t shared a scene in a long time as well as ones between the new pairs.

Handprintsandgoodgrips: Grade for “Cooked”: A-.

Boidiva02: My favorite interaction of the episode was between Alicia and Diane. First Diane’s trying to extend an olive branch by offering Alicia the overflow cases and then later, Diane’s angry and hurtful confrontation with Alicia regarding Howard. I thought it added some nice layers to this season and finally gave Diane something to do.

ethankoo: So far this season is a huge improvement over last season. The dynamics between different and new characters give the show some new life. It’s great to see Howard being competent and his scenes with Jackie was sweet. Alicia and Lucca continues to be a great duo.

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