SAG Awards: How ‘The Hateful Eight’ got snubbed and why it can rally at Oscars

Don’t write off “The Hateful Eight” at the Oscars just because Jennifer Jason Leigh and all those fellows in the cast got snubbed at the SAG Awards. Remember, the 2,100 members of the Screen Actors’ Guild nominating committee had to attend last-minute screenings of Quentin Tarantino‘s epic film shot in 70mm when the decision was made not to send them DVDs.

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We had expected the “Hateful Eight” cast to contend for Best Ensemble but they got bumped as did the stellar line-up in David O. Russell‘s “Joy.” While that film, headlined by Jennifer Lawrence, was sent out to voters, it arrived only late last week, giving them little time to watch it before the Dec. 7 deadline to submit nomination ballots.

Also MIA from the Best Ensemble line-up is “The Revenant,” helmed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu who saw his “Birdman” cast win this award last year.  Oscar frontrunner Leonardo DiCaprio did reap a Best Actor bid from the guild. But the screener of the film went out only to those SAG voters who filled in special paperwork to prevent piracy.

Tarantino’s last film, “Django Unchained” also didn’t go out to SAG voters who, in turn, snubbed Christoph Waltz. But he rallied and won the 2012 Best Supporting Actor Oscar. Indeed, “Django” ended up reaping five Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, and Tarantino won his second Best Original Screenplay Award. The film benefitted from the more narrow focus of an Oscar campaign, which involves more interaction with academy members at various events, including screenings and schmoozefests.

Will Jennifer Jason Leigh stage an Oscar comeback too?

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