Ellen Mirojnick on making costumes for ‘The Knick’ without being ‘old-timey’ (Exclusive Video)

“It’s a very favorite period of mine, simply because you can really see a man’s silhouette and I think it’s quite attractive,” reveals costume designer Ellen Mirojnick in our recent video chat (watch below) about “The Knick,” a Cinemax seires set at the beginning of the 20th century. She had to create all of the clothes from scratch, due to a lack of surviving and functional historical pieces. Although this meant wardrobe for “five thousand extras and a principal cast of ten actors,” she did not necessarily have to make multiple looks per person, as Mirojnick explains that it was standard for middle- and lower-class New Yorkers at the time only to own one to two outfits (“maybe a summer set, maybe a winter set”).

André Holland on the “furnace of rage” inside his character on “The Knick

The hospital drama starring Clive Owen aired last fall and Mirojnick already has an industry nomination under her belt for it, as she was recognized at the Costume Designers Guild Awards. Mirojnick is no stranger to the Emmys, as she is a past winner for the film “Behind the Candelabra” (2013), which was also directed by Steven Soderbergh. Although she recently re-watched the first season of “The Knick” and determined that “there are other episodes that have a little bit more variety,” Mirojnick submitted the series premiere “Method and Madness” for Emmy consideration on the ballot because of its inherent accessibility.

“The Knick” is not the only drama for which Mirojnick is Emmy-eligible this year, as she also had “great fun” designing the costumes for the “How to Get Away with Murder” pilot for ABC. She describes star Viola Davis as an “absolute joy” because “she was just thrilled that she got to be a sex symbol.” Mirojnick adds, “I think glamorous women — they’re just like delicious.”

Juliet Rylance on her surprisingly “reckless” character in “The Knick”

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