‘The Martian’ trailer: Will Matt Damon overthrow BFF Ben Affleck at the Oscars?

matt damon the martian ben affleck ridley scott

A new trailer has been released for the Matt Damon sci-fi thriller “The Martian,” directed by Ridley Scott. This is Damon’s second time in a row playing an astronaut, following his surprise turn last fall in “Interstellar.”

Damon and his BFF Ben Affleck won an Oscar together for writing the screenplay for “Good Will Huntin” in 1997. Since then, Affleck won a second trophy for producing “Argo” in 2012, but Damon is still searching for his second prize. Will he catch up this year?

However, Damon has been nominated for acting – for “Good Will Hunting” and “Invictus” – an accomplishment Affleck hasn’t matched. Could this be his third performance bid?

Also looking for his first Oscar is director Ridley Scott. He’s been nominated for Best Director three times before – for “Thelma & Louise” (1991), “Gladiator” (2000) and “Black Hawk Down” (2001) – and “Gladiator” even won Best Picture, but Scott has never prevailed. When he contended for “Gladiator,” he was slapped in favor of Steven Soderbergh (“Traffic”). Will voters finally make it up to the veteran filmmaker or will he have to hope for an honorary Oscar at some point for his stellar career?

Watch the new trailer below:

Photo: Matt Damon in “The Martian.” Credit: Moviestore/REX

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