Emmy nominee Tom Shankland on directing ‘wonderful mystery’ of ‘The Missing’ [Exclusive Video]

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When we spoke to “The Missing” director Tom Shankland before Emmy nominations were announced, he admitted, “It would be totally thrilling” to receive awards recognition for this Starz limited series. We trust this two-time BAFTA nominee is delighting in his Emmy bid for Best Movie/Mini Directing, a competitive category that pits him against the helmers of “Olive Kitteridge,” “The Honorable Woman,” “Wolf Hall,” “Bessie“, “American Horror Story: Freak Show” and “Houdini.” (Watch our complete video chat below.)

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“It was always going to be potentially quite distressing material,” says Shankland about this gripping story of an English child who goes missing while vacationing with his parents in France. “I think everyone who got involved felt a certain amount of responsibility to do this story with as much integrity and a sense of respect as we could.”

The British helmer continues, “When I came into it, I felt very much that Jack and Harry Williams, the very brilliant writers of it, had constructed a wonderful mystery. So, I also wanted to make sure that I had a balance between the characters concerned with these events, while at the same time structuring the experience with the viewer as a very entertaining mystery.”

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Also in our chat, Shankland discusses his favorite directorial scenes from the first season, the tonal differences between the flashback and present-day sequences and how stars James Nesbitt and Frances O’Connor came to be involved in the project.

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