‘The Voice’ knockouts: Do you agree with our rankings of the final eight winners?

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Coaches Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, and Pharrell Williams now have their complete teams for the final stages of “The Voice” this season. Each eliminated a few more artists on Monday’s final knockout round and has a group of five remaining for a total of 20 contenders.

Here are my rankings of this week’s eight artists that are moving on to the live rounds beginning next Monday. Start thinking about your own rankings to prepare for “The Voice” predictions center as it will be launching later this week. Comment below whether you agree or disagree.

Click each name below for full team previews of all 48 artists:
Team Adam, Team Blake, Team Gwen, Team Pharrell

8. Zach Seabaugh (Team Blake)
In the small clip we saw of his selection to Team Blake, Seabaugh gave us a glimpse of his solidly country leaning. Blake singled him out as having the potential to hit big with a female audience when he truly connects to the lyrics.

7. Mark Hood (Team Pharrell)
Hood picked the song “Stand by Me” as an opportunity to scale back what he considers a typically theatrical style of performance. My concern is that his rendition still involved a lot of movement and vocal styling. He has great showmanship, but he’ll need to match it to the right song next time.

6. Evan McKeel (Team Pharrell)
After what he called his alternative pairing, Pharrell ultimately picked McKeel who blew guest advisor Rihanna away in their session together. The judges praised his ability to follow his intuition and to lay down a perfect vocal from beginning to end.

5. Shelby Brown (Team Adam)
In what very well could have been a pairing from Team Blake, Adam pitted two country singers against one another to similar effect. In a close match that could have gone either way, Brown moves on, but still fails to leave a lasting impression.

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4. Emily Ann Roberts (Team Blake)
After a timid and delicate practice session with Rihanna, Roberts surprised the judges with a powerful and confident performance. Before choosing her for his team, Blake said that with the right music Emily Ann could find a place in country music that keeps her around for 20 years.

3. Jeffery Austin (Team Gwen)
As a single-chair turn-around in the blind auditions, faith in Austin may have started out dim. With his latest performance of Adele‘s “Turning Tables” he put any doubt to rest. Like Adam said, Gwen will have a story to tell having claimed him early and helping him reach the heights he did this week.

2. Riley Biederer (Team Gwen)
With probably the hardest song selection of the night, Biederer chose Beyonce‘s “XO,” changing the arrangement to fit her own style and abilities. That kind of intuition impressed the judges and will help keep her in the forefront of voters’ minds when thinking back on a night of live shows.

1. Regina Love (Team Gwen)
In a pairing of her two steals, Gwen selected Love as the one to keep, releasing Biederer to be stolen back by Pharrell. While both knocked it out of the park, Love won the battle and also the night, completely owning the stage. Her vocal power and stage presence is likely to make Regina one of the competition’s leaders for many weeks to come.

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What are your thoughts about our rankings for the final knockouts. We offer these same eight surviving artists below in a poll for you to vote over the next few days. Who tops your own list? Comment below or sound off on “The Voice” every week in Gold Derby’s reality TV forum.

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