‘The Voice’: Who was best for Team Adam Levine on Monday’s show?

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Coach Adam Levine placed his full team on display for the first live show of “The Voice” ninth season on Monday. With a new twist allowing each coach to bring back a previously eliminated contestant, Levine chose Chase Pena to compete. The public will vote two of his team members into next week’s show, and Levine will pick one more to remain. That means three of his six artists will be gone on Wednesday night’s results show.

Who was best for Team Adam on Monday evening? Here are my rankings of his six contenders.

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1. Jordan Smith, “Halo”
Smith has made a habit out of nailing songs by modern-day divas and tonight was no different. His ability to hit notes most men couldn’t fathom is impressive and inspiring. He’s the most viewed contestant on Youtube and proved tonight, yet again, why that is the case. By delivering the best performance of the night, and the only standing ovation from every coach, Smith is a lock to advance in the competition.

2. Amy Vachal, “The Way You Look Tonight”
Vachal’s sultry voice was perfectly paired with this jazz tune — leading to a very good performance that allowed her to stay true to her artistry while connecting with the audience. The coaches still tend to overrate her in my eyes, but she is definitely a contender and is probably safe.

3. Shelby Brown, “You’re No Good”
With each performance, Brown comes out of her shell a little more and this was no different.  Her blend of country and pop vocals worked perfectly with this song and she commanded the stage like never before.

4. Chance Pena, “Barton Hollow”
I was a bit surprised Adam chose Pena as his comeback contestant, but this proved to be the perfect song to fit his voice and show why he deserved a return. His low, gravelly voice is unique for a 15-year old and his performance was a definite improvement.

5. Blaine Mitchell, “Never Tear Us Apart”
His signature over-the-top theatrics were only mildly distracting during this average performance of a great song. It was a solid, but not memorable.

6. Keith Semple, “To Be With You”
Semple was done a disservice with another 80’s rock song chosen by his coach, which only perpetuated his place on the show as the generic rocker you could find singing in any bar throughout America. It was an average performance that missed an opportunity for Semple to stand out as an artist.

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We will be offering our analysis for Team Blake Shelton and Team Pharrell Williams after Tuesday night’s show. In the meantime, what are your thoughts about our rankings for Team Adam? Who tops your own list? Comment below or sound off on “The Voice” every week in Gold Derby’s reality TV forum.

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Photo courtesy of NBC.

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