‘The Voice’ live shows: Our complete power rankings for all 20 artists

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Over the past few days we’ve been profiling how each of “The Voice” contenders stacks up against the competition within their own teams. Our writer Denton Davidson has Braiden Sunshine leading for coach Gwen Stefani, Jordan Smith ahead of the pack for coach Adam Levine, Emily Ann Roberts ranked best for coach Blake Shelton, and Evan McKeel the frontrunner for coach Pharrell Williams. Click the gold link for each team above to see full analysis.

But how do the singers compare to the larger field of 20 finalists? Who has the overall best shot at winning this ninth season? Here’s my quick best-to-worst take on 20 singers hoping to become the voice.

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1. Jordan Smith (Team Adam)
Jordan’s blind audition performance of Sia’s “Chandelier” will be housed in the Reality TV Singing Competition Hall of Fame one day. He’s Kelly Clarkson-level good.

2. Riley Biederer (Team Pharrell)
Okay so she lost twice — in the battles and the knockouts — but why dwell on that instead of the fact that she was saved TWICE. She has staying power and is my dark horse pick for the win.

3. Jeffery Austin (Team Gwen)
You don’t kill it with performances of Sam Smith and Adele songs by accident. Jeffery’s voice is the real deal, guys, and I don’t think we’ve even seen the best of it yet.

4. Emily Ann Roberts (Team Blake)
The reason Emily Ann is Blake’s best bet is that she is a 16-year-old that can take classic and well-known country songs and make them sound fresh, youthful, and interesting again. Watch. Out.

5. Regina Love (Team Gwen)
The best battle of the season came in the knockouts when Regina beat Riley Biederer. Thankfully both moved on, but Regina gets major points for beating one of the best.

6. Amy Vachal (Team Adam)
Adam’s love for Amy knows no bounds, and I was thrilled when he got a chance to save her after she lost the knockouts. I suspect the product of his coaching her will be some amazing performances.

7. Ivonne Acero (Team Blake)
Anyone else getting major Michelle Chamuel (season 4 runner-up) vibes here? Ivonne has the personality and ability to surprise with off-beat song choices that will excite the voting audience.

8. Braiden Sunshine (Team Gwen)
Rihanna advising Braiden to slick back his hair and that his friends will respect him when he’s “gettin’ that money, honey” is the cutest moment in Voice history. And it worked! Oh, and his voice is stellar.

9. Darius Scott (Team Pharrell)
Darius’ voice is a lot of things — powerful, passionate, smooth, and natural.

10. Madi Davis (Team Pharrell)
Madi’s strength is in her song choice — choosing classics like “A Case of You” with the ability to make them sound new and radio-friendly — is a talent not many of the other singers can claim.

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11. Shelby Brown (Team Adam)
Adam finally won a country singer over Blake in the blind auditions and so far the results have been positive. The test will be whether Shelby can excite the audience with a crossover pop hit.

12. Barrett Baber (Team Blake)
The strength of Blake’s team is in his female vocalists, but my guess is that only two of them will move on. That will leave Barrett as Blake’s best chance at a male winner this season.

13. Korin Bukowski (Team Gwen)
Korin has yet to give a truly stand-out performance, so I can’t help but rank her toward the back of the pack. But if she delivers something memorable this week, her stock could rise rather quickly.

14. Blaine Mitchell (Team Adam)
Adam called Blaine a true rock star and the fact that he beat out Blind Joe, a formidable opponent by any measure, should be on his resume for the rest of his life. That said, I’m just not feeling it.

15. Morgan Frazier (Team Blake)
If it wasn’t for Emily Ann, I think Morgan would be one of Blake’s best chances, but the similarities between the two means that ultimately one of them will have to be eliminated.

16. Evan McKeel (Team Pharrell)
Evan has a fantastic voice — possibly one of the best in the competition — but his song choices are too obscure (“Dare You to Move”) and performed too typically to leave a lasting impression.

17. Keith Semple (Team Adam)
Usually I’d say the Irish accent would give Keith the edge he needs to stand out from the herd, but on a team that includes Jordan, Shelby and Amy, it probably isn’t enough.

18. Viktor Kiraly (Team Gwen)
Viktor’s main hurdle has nothing to do with his talent — he struggles most with the fact that he’s on a team with Braiden, Jeffery and Regina. I can’t see him beating out any of the three.

19. Mark Hood (Team Pharrell)
Mark’s high energy gets the best of him, often compromising the quality of what is otherwise a great voice. His performances come off a little too theatrical.

20. Zach Seabaugh (Team Blake)
Let’s be honest, the fact that his knockout performance was the only one the editors zoomed past doesn’t bode well for their faith in him. He’s ranked last by default.

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