5 reasons Corey Kent White will take down Sawyer Fredericks to win ‘The Voice’

In a recent poll at Gold Derby, readers overwhelmingly endorsed Sawyer Fredericks as the favorite to win it all on this season of “The Voice.”

You’re all wrong! I would like to counter that endorsement and argue that the winner of this season of the popular NBC show will be none other than Corey Kent White on Team Blake, and here’s why:

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Country Music WINS  –

Last year when asked why I predicted Craig Wayne Boyd to win since the first week, even though he had been dropped twice and tossed around from team to team, it was a very simple reason: country music. It is a common trend on reality singing competitions that country singers do well – especially if they have an ounce of talent. If they have a LOT of talent, it will be a landslide.

Even though “The Voice” has yet to launch a superstar to the likes of its competitor “American Idol,” the biggest success stories from this show are still in country music. Even non-winners like the Swon Brothers have enjoyed success on country radio and multiple nominations at various award shows. White has established himself as the country singer to beat after taking out Cody Wickline, the early frontrunner for coach Blake Shelton, in the knockout round.

The Heartthrob Factor –

We all know teenage girls can dominate anything that involves online voting – and they love a teen heartthrob. White looks like country music’s wholesome counter-punch to Justin Bieber.

Social Media Matters –

While many Gold Derby voters were falsely believing Fredericks was this year’s frontrunner, many failed to realize that White has twice as many Twitter followers. He has already launched a full-service website where hats and t-shirts are available for purchase. This kid has an established following, and if it ever comes down to a “Twitter save,” he won’t be going anywhere.

Sheer Talent –

Beyond the superficial reasons already mentioned, it really does take talent to win this particular reality program. Fredericks is easy to cheer for – he’s quirky, interesting and talented. But White is a singer/songwriter who I believe will prove he can go toe-to-toe when it comes to talent. It is possible he already surpasses him in the vocal category for which this show is named.

Blake Shelton is King –

It can’t be ignored that Shelton has already won this show four times. He knows how to cater to his contestants and he chooses songs that America wants to hear.  White’s coach, Pharrell Williams, is a musical genius but has simply not figured out how to prevail yet. He has a tendency to choose “interesting” songs for his contestants, failing to realize that sometimes a simple power ballad is the easiest way to buy yourself another week.

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Well, my fellow Derbyites – consider yourself warned about going for the “unique, quirky, artsy” type.  Everyone loves an earthy musician like Fredericks, but if you are trying to pick a winner – you’re looking in the wrong direction. Corey Kent White for the win!

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