‘The Voice’ poll: Which Team Gwen Stefani artist will win season 9?

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In the first eight seasons of “The Voice,” no female coach has been able to secure a victory for one of her artists. For her second time on the show, will No Doubt lead singer Gwen Stefani be able to do what Christina Aguilera and Shakira could not accomplish? She once again competes against four-time champ Blake Shelton, two-time winning coach Adam Levine, and reigning champ Pharrell Williams.

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Each of the four coaches selected a dozen contenders for their teams during the recent blind auditions. Starting on Monday, the artists will begin the battle rounds, knocking out many of the contestants right away.

We are now profiling all four dozen artists, continuing with those of Team Gwen’s members below. After reading about each, be sure to vote in our poll as to who has the best chance of winning “The Voice” for Stefani this season. Click one of these links for our previews of Team Adam, Team Blake, and Team Pharrell. You can also click here for the Team Gwen photo gallery. And please click here to tour the past eight winners photo gallery.

Alex Kandel – From Virginia Beach, VA.
At 15, Alex opened for the band Sleeper Agent, and after begging the band to let her join, they agreed to let her come on as the bassist. But she soon switched over to lead singer and that’s when everything changed for the band. They signed with a label, and in five years, the band released two albums and toured the country, gaining success in the alternative rock world. The band recently parted ways and Alex moved to Nashville to focus on her solo career. Her audition song was “Bright.”

Braiden Sunshine – From Lyme, CT.
The youngest person on the show this season, Braiden just turned 15 and is only a freshman in high school. But age doesn’t stop him from performing. He has been in two bands with older, college-aged members and has played over 300 live shows. Though he suffers from severe asthma, he has plenty of energy and makes the most out of his performances. His audition song was “The Mountains Win Again.”

Chase Kerby – From Oklahoma City, OK.
Chase’s mom owns an old-fashioned candy shop in Oklahoma, where he spends his days working and performs at night. Growing up, Chase always loved music and taught himself how to play guitar, bass, piano and drums. Chase has been in numerous bands and on numerous tours and was also the lead guitarist for Dia Frampton’s duo “Meg & Dia.” Chase’s last band signed with a major label, leaving him behind and crushed. His audition song was “The Scientist.”

Ellie Lawrence – From Crandall, GA.
Ellie grew up in the small Southern town of Crandall, Georgia, with one store and a population of 300. Ellie has loved indie pop music her entire life and has been playing piano and singing since the 5th grade. It’s been tough for her to break away from the shadow of her brother Josh, whose band has opened for Willie Nelson and Luke Bryan. Her audition song was “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off.”

Hanna Ashbrook – From Mount Prospect, IL.
Growing up in Chicago, Hanna started singing at a very young age. It was when she performed an original song at a high school talent show that she realized writing was a huge passion of hers. She attended Columbia College for music and writing. However, near the end of college, a bout of bronchitis turned into nodules on her vocal cords. Her first surgery to remove the nodules was unsuccessful and left her without a voice at all. Her audition song was “Closer.”

Jeffrey Austin – From Chicago, IL.
After Jeffrey’s father passed away when he was nine years old, Jeffrey grew up with his mom, grandparents and brother. During that time, Jeffrey pursued music in high school and auditioned for all the school musicals. At 16, with the support of his family, Jeffrey came out after years of trying to hide his sexuality. Despite wanting to study music in college, his mom preferred that he take a more stable course. Jeffrey majored in communications with an emphasis in advertising. His audition song was “Lay Me Down.”

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Korin Bukowski – From Miami, FL.
Korin comes from a musical family – both of her parents were in bands – and they even installed a “band room” in their house so Korin quickly learned to love music. At age nine, she started to take choir lessons, and she is classically trained. Korin’s dad is her biggest musical influence, but when he was severely injured at work and her mom suffered a heart condition quickly after, Korin used music to get through the tough times. Her audition song was “Cecilia and the Satellite.”

Kota Wade – From Hollywood, CA.
Kota’s first musical memory is singing with her mom when she was five years old. At the young age of nine, she started taking songwriting very seriously. But it wasn’t until her dad enrolled her in the Hollywood Pop Academy that her knack for performing came out. That’s when Kota put both talents together and formed an all-girl rock band called Bomb Shell. Her audition song was “Bring It on Home to Me.”

Lyndsey Elm – From Vacaville, CA.
Growing up, Lyndsey was more of an athlete than a signer. She liked to sing, but would only do so in secret. It wasn’t until her senior year of high school, when she stepped up to sing the national anthem for a basketball game, that she realized how good her voice was. Lyndsey graduated college with a degree in kinesiology, but got the itch to give singing a real try. Her audition song was “Lips Are Movin’.”

Noah Jackson – From Sunderland, MA.
Noah’s first passion is music, but he is also a runner. In addition to performing with his high school choir and in talent shows, as the track team captain and a sprinter, Noah helped the team break school records. But after tragically losing two friends, he realized that life is precious and decided to make music his sole focus. He worked hard on his craft and now attends Berklee College of Music in Boston as a full-time student. His audition song was “Elastic Heart.”

Summer Schappell – From Lakehead, CA.
Summer was raised by her grandparents in the very small tourist town of Lakehead, California. She didn’t fall in love with country music until later in life when she found she connected with the lyrics. At 14, she sang with a band at an event and the guitarist encouraged her to go to Nashville to record music. Her grandparents supported her dream, traveled back and forth to Nashville and helped her fund her albums. Her audition song was “Strawberry Wine.”

Tim Atlas – From San Jose, CA.
Tim’s parents separated when he was very young, and after bouncing between households, he decided to stay with his dad. When his dad lost his job, the two struggled, and as an outlet, Tim surrounded himself with music. He joined the marching band, jazz band and drumline, and taught himself guitar. After he graduated high school, he went to college and earned his bachelor’s in photography. He now performs solo and works as a studio engineer on other artists’ records and albums. His audition song was “Give Me Love.”

While we wait for the live shows in November, here is your first chance to chime in about Team Gwen. Take our poll below about which of her artists will win this season.

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