‘The Voice’ prediction contest: Will India Carney be axed next?

India Carney will finally sing her swan song on “The Voice” this week, according to the predictions of Gold Derby users who give her 10-to-11 odds. (See full odds breakdown.)

Denton Davidson — our user with the best score predicting “The Voice” this TV season — agrees: “Perhaps I’m a fool for placing her at the bottom when she has proven to be a Twitter-save beast, not only eliminating the top followed contestant (Corey Kent White) two weeks ago, but also fan (and my personal) favorite Kimberly Nichole last time. Am I just bitter she survived over my favorite contestant? Or am I blind to the supposed super gift she possesses?”

See all of Davidson’s current predictions here, plus his top rank in our “The Voice” leader boards. His current score is 79% accuracy. Jason Nolette is in second place at 71%, then Ngo Khang at 64%.

Do you think you can beat them? Make your predictions here and earn a shot to win our weekly prize: $100 Amazon Gift Certificate.

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We asked Davidson for the rest of his power rankings for the Top 5 show slated for Monday night. With Carney in fifth place, here are his thoughts about the other remaining artists:

Joshua Davis (Team Adam Levine)

Davis is a tough call to put fourth, but that is where I’m placing him today. This is a week when performances must be watched before coming to the final conclusions. Joshua has shown in the past that with the right song he can top everyone but Sawyer on iTunes. He is a consistent performer that sways from boring to beautiful vocals week in and week out.  Will this be an on or off week for him? That will tell the tale of if he makes the finale. He also has to battle Adam, who has done him no favors in the song-choice department. Uptempo songs have not been his friend.

3. Koryn Hawthorne (Team Pharrell Williams)

Hawthorne has been the dark horse of the season that nobody saw coming. After week one I would never have believed I would be ranking her third by the end of the season. Her fan base is also a complete mystery. We have to remember that more people vote by calling and texting than purchasing songs on iTunes – as proven two weeks ago when Koryn was at the bottom of the iTunes sales but still managed to be voted through without having to battle for an instant save. She is another artist that can hit or miss with her song choice and has actually topped all contestants before when her performance of “Make it Rain” topped everyone on iTunes. With a strong performance she should sail through the week. With a mediocre performance she will definitely be in jeopardy – and I’m not convinced she could beat ANYONE in a Twitter save.

Linsey is one of only two performers I am convinced is completely safe this week. She has delivered consistently good vocals all season and has a broad fan base – and universal appeal. In my opinion, she is the best singer that is still on the show and that counts for a lot. The show needs someone who can get the audience on their feet with a vocal alone. A finale of Sawyer, Joshua and India would be a total snooze-fest, let’s be honest! The competition needs Meghan because on a show called The Voice, she is the best VOICE left.  She has yet to really dominate on iTunes – but most of the votes come from phone calls and texts. Don’t count this one out on finale night – she could be your winner.

1. Sawyer Fredericks (Team Pharrell Williams)

Can anyone take this kid down? Sawyer has been the frontrunner since his audition and has yet to take his foot off the gas. I’m not personally drawn to him – I prefer a vocalist who can “throw down” but his charm and charisma can’t be denied. He has absolutely blown the other contestants out of the water on iTunes which proves he clearly has a loyal fan base who have made even his less memorable performances scorch up the iTunes charts. He has a fresh face and likability that audiences like to see win shows like this – plucked from obscurity and thrust into superstardom (even though the Voice has yet to create a real STAR). He attracts young and old audiences alike with his delivery of old-school rock with a fresh face and innocence. Should Sawyer go all the way – it will probably be the most dominant showing of a Voice contestant from beginning to end.

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Keep in mind that the race is tightening up with just five possible winners. So, you shouldn’t only consider their performances on Monday but also their social media followings. Those numbers can tell you who may do well in the popular vote each week. (Read more about this key factor for making your predictions HERE.)

When making your predictions this week, remember that coming out on top in our contest doesn’t just mean answering the week’s questions correctly. You also have to use your big bets (500 points and 200 points) strategically to score the most game points. If you bet on a longshot who pulls off an upset, you can really rack up the points. As we use those point totals to break ties when more than one user tops our leaderboard with the same number of correct answers, don’t take them for granted.

In last week’s prediction contest, Erik10101 tied with Eeric and James for the only 100% perfect scores. Because Erik10101 had the better point score of 11,400, he was declared our champ. He won 10,000 points on a 500-point bet when Nichole was a 20/1 long shot to be eliminated. He also won 700 points on a 200-point bet when Carney was 7/2 to be in the bottom. Because he was eligible as per our contest rules, he was awarded a $100 Amazon gift card.

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