‘The Voice’: Predict if Jeffery Austin, Barrett Baber, Emily Ann Roberts or Jordan Smith wins 9th season

The Voice Jeffery Austin Barrett Baber Emily Ann Roberts Jordan Smith

After the biggest elimination night in the show’s history, “The Voice” is back this Monday for its last live performance show. One of the final four — Jeffery Austin, Barrett Baber, Emily Ann Roberts, or Jordan Smith — will be crowned the champion for this ninth season.

Will season-long frontrunner and iTunes chart-topper Jordan stay on top for coach Adam Levine? Can one of Team Blake Shelton’s two singers swoop in and take the crown? Or will Gwen Stefani win her first championship as a coach? One thing is for certain — last season’s coaching champ Pharrell Williams will not prevail since all of his artists are finished.

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Here’s my quick take on the pros & cons for predicting each of the final four to win (note that my rankings do not agree with current Gold Derby odds):

1. Jordan Smith (Team Adam); Gold Derby odds of 1/4 to win
It’s hard to imagine that after many weeks of blowing his competition out of the water, Jordan would finish anywhere other than first. Since that still iconic blind audition of “Chandelier,” Jordan has gone on to multiple #1s on iTunes and has led the Gold Derby predictions to win every week. The producers may have already shown their hand by giving Jordan the benefit of performing at the end (or near the end) in every episode. That ‘s a big clue that they’re aware Jordan is bringing in much of the viewership. All of those things added together make Jordan the most reliable prediction — any result other than him winning would be shocking!

2. Emily Ann Roberts (Team Blake); Gold Derby odds of 18/1 to win
Of the four left, Emily Ann must be considered the most improved. Remember that in the first week of the live rounds she almost went home, but was saved by Blake to make the top 12. Since then Emily Ann has slowly developed a fan base that should worry Jordan fans; her performances routinely place high on the iTunes charts and earn raves from the judges. The most telling clue to her prominence, however, is that the last two weeks she’s been called “safe” earlier in the episode than her teammates, perhaps suggesting that she’s Blake’s best chance at the win. One must also consider the fact that Blake himself comes with a loyal fan base himself; he’s been the winning coach in half of the show’s previous eight seasons.

3. Barrett Baber (Team Blake); Gold Derby odds of 100/1 to win
If two artists are competing for and/or share in the same demographic of voters, it’s not always a good thing for either. Both Barrett and the eliminated Zach Seabuagh were two handsome, country singers in the competition, meaning that at least some votes in the demo were going to one artist and not both. With Zach out, the theory is that his votes are likeliest to evolve into support for Barrett. The fact that Barrett was still able to place within the top three last week means that he already had enough support to keep him safe. Add to that what may come of Zach’s fanbase, and I think we have a true darkhorse for the win on our hands.

4. Jeffery Austin (Team Gwen); Gold Derby odds of 6/1 to win:
If Zach’s votes go to Barrett, then what becomes of the votes that had previously gone to Madi Davis? I’d guess that Jeffery is likeliest to pick those up, provided the viewers stick around and feel compelled to vote. That being said, when it comes to reality competition shows more often than not the rule is once you’re in the bottom you stay in the bottom. Last week Jeffery had to sing for the Twitter save despite a stellar performance, an endorsement Tweet from Cher, and the added bonus of being in the top five on iTunes. Though he’s probably close enough to finish higher than fourth, it’s unlikely that he becomes the top vote-getter only one week after near elimination.

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