Vote now: Which of these 5 artists for coach Pharrell Williams will win ‘The Voice’?

While Pharrell Williams is one of the top music producers and performers working today, he hasn’t quite solved the problem of winning “The Voice” yet. Did he learn enough from his mistakes last season to prevail this time against rival coaches Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton?

Our brand new Gold Derby predictions center is now open, and you could win money by telling us which artist will win for this eighth season (see details below on how to enter). We also want to know which contenders from Team Pharrell will go home this week and which ones will move on.

Let’s take a look at his five remaining contestants:

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Caitlin Caporale – From Newburgh, NY. From a young age, Caitlin used music as a way to express herself. She participated in choir and musical theater in school, has entered more than 50 talent competitions and eventually started posting YouTube videos. Caitlin currently works as a customer service rep at a cable company. Her audition song was “Impossible.”

Koryn Hawthorne – From Abbeville, LA. Koryn’s voice is much more mature than her age would let on. For the past nine years, she has been a member of a local singing group that performs at nursing homes, benefits and competitions. Koryn might be young, but she knows singing is what she’s meant to do. Her audition song was “My Kind of Love.”

Lowell Oakley – From Durham, NC. Most kids Lowell’s age don’t listen to jazz, but ever since high school he’s wanted to be a crooner. Lowell loves Rat Pack-era music, wearing sharp suits and singing to a crowd. As a college freshman, he’s unsure of whether or not he should be practical and pursue a degree in business or follow his heart and pursue music. His audition song was “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore.”

Mia Z – From Hyde Park, PA. Mia gets her musical talents from her mom, who works as a social worker but has always been a music lover. One day, Mia’s mom heard her singing and was blown away, and now Mia sings lead vocals in a band with her mom and uncle. She loves singing the blues and has been told her voice is beyond her years. Her audition song was “The Thrill Is Gone.”

Sawyer Fredericks – From Fultonville, NY. Sawyer lives on an 88-acre farm in Upstate New York with his parents and his two brothers. He loves farm life, but not having spent a lot of time in the public eye, he can be a bit shy and feels most comfortable behind his guitar. Despite his young age, he’s recorded his own album and plays once a week at a local farmer’s market. His audition song was “I’m a Man of Constant Sorrow.”

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Now it’s your turn to sound off about this eighth season of “The Voice.” Our predictions center is now officially open so that you can predict the winners and losers each week for the rest of this season of “The Voice.” Score the most points each week and win bragging rights and a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

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