Vote now: Will Pharrell Williams lose Koryn Hawthorne from ‘The Voice’ this week?

Contender Koryn Hawthorne needed some last-minute help last week to make it through the first live round of “The Voice.” Her coach, Pharrell Williams, saved her on Wednesday’s results show after a low finish from the public vote.

In early results, Gold Derby users are predicting that Hawthorne may well be eliminated next Tuesday. She has odds of 5/4 of being one of the two people cut from the Top 12. Close to her at 5/6 odds are Rob Taylor from Christina Aguilera‘s team and Hannah Kirby from Blake Shelton‘s team. Brian Johnson is at 8/11 to potentially be cut from Adam Levine‘s team. Conversely, Williams’ other two artists — Sawyer Fredericks (15/2) and Mia Z (16/1) — should both be safe. And our users give odds of 13/8 that no Team Pharrell member will be eliminated.

Do you agree with these predictions? How did you do forecasting the results for Team Pharrell and the other coaches this past week? The top 20 performed Monday and Tuesday while Wednesday’s results show saw a whopping eight artists cast off.

If you knew who was going home, put your powers to use by entering our prediction contest. You could win our weekly prize of a $100 Amazon gift certificate and a place of honor on our reality TV leaderboards. It’s fun and easy! 

The official Gold Derby odds predicted seven of the eight who would be eliminated. For Team Blake, we foresaw the eliminations of Brooke Adee and Sarah Potenza. For Team Adam, we predicted correctly the loss of Nathan Hermida and Tonya Boyd-Cannon. For Team Christina, we were exactly right about the removal of Lexi Davila and Sonic. And for Team Pharrell, we knew that Lowell Oakley would be gone but missed on Koryn Hawthorne (who Williams saved over Caitlin Caporale).

Remember that coming out on top doesn’t just mean answering the week’s questions correctly. You also have to use your three big bets (500 points and two of 200 points) strategically to score the most game points. If you bet on a longshot who pulls off an upset, you can really rack up the points. As we use those point totals to break ties when more than one user tops our leaderboard with the same number of correct answers, don’t take them for granted.

That’s how Denton Davidson, one of Gold Derby’s top reality TV gurus, won this week’s prediction contest. Along with 19 other people, he scored 100% by correctly predicting one of the two artists eliminated per coach. He racked up the most points by puting his 500 points on Sonic when she had odds of only 9/1 for elimination; her ouster netted him 4,500 points. And he earned 1,000 points for predicting that Boyd-Cannon would get the boot (200 points at 5/1) and 900 points for foreseeing the end of the road for Caparole (200 points at 9/2). His final pick, Adee, was at 1/1 when he predicted her to be eliminated.

Next week, two of the Top 12 will be eliminated. We asked our champ Denton to discuss the pros and cons of each team. He gives his analysis regarding Team Pharrell. Click the gold link for his recent articles about Team Adam, Team Blake, and Team Christina.

Sawyer Fredericks:

Pros – Nobody can deny Sawyer has come out scorching HOT since his first audition. Without question the early frontrunner to win it all has charm, talent and likability all in his favor. His Twitter following has tripled over the last couple of weeks which gives him an extra safety cushion if he is ever in need of a “Twitter save.”

Cons – Living up to the hype of his early rounds could prove to be a heavy task. Although he is a gifted artist, he has not proven to be versatile. Is what he does good enough to keep people this excited about him week after week? Or will the charm wear off? Time will tell.

Mia Z:

Pros – Mia Z has slowly but surely made a name for herself on Team Pharrell. Her incredible range and star power make her hard to miss on stage. She proved she could get votes by being voted through by America into the top 12 and seems to be one of the dark horses of the competition who keeps getting better.

Cons – Mia’s voice is thin and may be overshadowed by more powerful female singers this season. What she has in range, she lacks in power. She will have to be creative to come up with performances that can still “wow” the viewers.

Koryn Hawthorne:

Pros – Koryn has a powerful gospel flare when she sings and is able inflect each performance with strong emotion. Her biggest asset is her ability to connect to a song and put her emotions into it. She also had solid i-Tunes sales after the top 12 performances.

Cons – She’s just not ready for prime-time! Her age and inexperience show. At times she looks terrified to be on stage. When it comes time to compete with the top 12, she will likely be overshadowed by more seasoned divas she will now have to contend with. On Twitter, she is the least followed of all the contestants which will definitely hurt her chances with a social media save.

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