Vote now: Do you agree with our power rankings of ‘The Voice’ Top 6?

It’s almost down to the wire for “The Voice” this season. Before the half dozen remaining artists perform Monday night, how do you rank the Top 6? Who will win this year and who will be eliminated this week? Whatever your choices, why are you not taking part in our “Voice” predictions contest. You could win a $100 Amazon gift certificate and a place of honor on our leaderboards by predicting each week’s results.

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Based on our official Gold Derby odds — which are calculated on predictions from people just like you — Sawyer Fredericks is the overwhelming frontrunner with 57% of the vote and leading odds of 8/11 odds to win for coach Pharrell Williams.

The next best odds go to Kimberly Nichole at 3/1 and India Carney with 12/1. Both of them compete for Christina Aguilera.

The rest of the artists are ranked thus: Blake Shelton‘s sole contestant Meghan Linsey at 25/1, then Adam Levine‘s last hope Joshua Davis at 50/1, and Koryn Hawthorne from Team Pharrell at 100/1.

Do you have what it takes to be the best among the most fervent fans of “The Voice”? You have until 5:00 p.m. PT/8:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, May 5, to predict the results for the Top 6 week. It’s fun and easy, so start now by scrolling down and predicting which two artists will be eliminated next time.

Keep in mind that the race is tightening up with just six possible winners. So, you shouldn’t only consider their performances on Monday but also their social media followings. Those numbers can tell you who may do well in the popular vote each week. (Read more about this key factor for making your predictions HERE.)

When making your predictions this week, remember that coming out on top in our contest doesn’t just mean answering the week’s questions correctly. You also have to use your big bets (500 points and 200 points) strategically to score the most game points. If you bet on a longshot who pulls off an upset, you can really rack up the points. As we use those point totals to break ties when more than one user tops our leaderboard with the same number of correct answers, don’t take them for granted.

Our overall leader for this eighth season of “The Voice” is still Denton Davidson (see chart at right). He missed one answer this past week (choosing Hawthorne over Corey Kent White), but has correctly picked 11 out of 12 answers this year. His current score is 92% accuracy, so he is still on pace to be our champ.

Even though it will help you make better predictions, Davidson now offers you his own personal power rankings for the Top 6 artists in descending order:

6. India Carney
India must be considered the underdog at this point because she narrowly survived the Top 8 with the closest Twitter save in the history of ‘The Voice.’ She has had moments that should have been “big moments” for her that she just didn’t seem to capitalize on. This former frontrunner hasn’t seemed to captivate the audience like people thought she would.

5. Koryn Hawthorne
Koryn has had moments of brilliance but also shows inconsistency throughout the weeks. With the right performance she has proven she can take the #1 spot on iTunes amongst the remaining contestants (“Make it Rain”), but with “Girl On Fire” last week she proved she is vulnerable and does not have a  loyal base (that song ended up near the bottom of the charts). Unknown are the number of people who call in and vote for Koryn, because although she was significantly behind on iTunes last week, she still managed to make it into the Top 6 without having to fight a Twitter battle.

4. Joshua Davis
For Joshua it has always been about song choice. The week after earning the Twitter save, he managed to get the 2nd most iTunes sales for “Fields of Gold” (only trailing Sawyer Fredericks’ “Simple Man”) and sail through to the Top 6 unscathed. If he has a performance that is just as successful, he could easily do that again sending either Meghan or Kimberly into a diva battle with India and Koryn for the save.

3. Meghan Linsey
Meghan has a strong following and has managed to avoid the bottom 3 thus far. Her strength is her diverse fan base and ability to really knock out a vocal with the right song. Now that she is the sole contestant on Team Blake, I have no doubt he will fight tooth and nail to get her to the end – and she has the chops to sing anything. Because Blake will be desperate to save her and she knows the end is near, I expect her to hold nothing back and advance to the next week whether it be by fan votes or taking down competitors in a Twitter battle if it comes to that.

2. Kimberly Nichole
Kimberly has never had the strongest social media following. What she has had week in and week out are the best performances. Kimberly, without question, has the most stage presence of the contestants and always knows how to WOW an audience. Her performance of Radiohead’s “Creep” was easily the best performance of the top 8 and with her consistent ability to command the audience, I can’t imagine her not making it through to finals on votes, without the scare of needing a Twitter save. She would be my personal choice to win it all, but she has one big problem standing in her way…

1. Sawyer Fredericks
Sawyer continues to dominate the competition – at least in iTunes sales. By this measure alone he seems to be the clear frontrunner to take it all. It doesn’t mean it’s a done deal. Last year’s champion, Craig Wayne Boyd, was actually third among the finalists in terms of iTunes sales before he was crowned the champion. That being said, Sawyer’s consistent domination on iTunes leads me to believe there is no way he will be going home before the finale. At that point it will depend on the performances and the viewer response. There are other contestants who are able to give emotionally charged performances that inspire votes – but at this point this competition is Sawyer’s to lose and there is no way he will be going home next week.

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And now it’s time to make your picks for this week.

In last week’s prediction contest, Taloson and Radzie tied with the only perfect scores. Because Taloson had the better point score of 4,500 to 4,450 for Radzie, he was declared our champ. He won 3,400 points on a 200-point bet that both Corey Kent White (14/1) and Hannah Kirby (3/1) would be eliminated. He won another 1,100 points when Carney was a 11/2 bet to be in the bottom three. Taloson (real name Kevin Jacobsen) was eligible as per our contest rules, so he has been awarded a $100 Amazon gift card.

Which two of the top six artists will be eliminated next week? Start or update your predictions below by deciding which ones will be tossed off. And be sure to lock in your prediction for the ultimate winning artist and coach.

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