‘The Voice’ Top 11: Will it be Korin Bukowski, Evan McKeel or Zach Seabaugh going home?

The Voice Top 11 Korin Bukowski Evan McKeel Zach Seabaugh

Our writer Denton Davidson already ranked the Top 11 singers based on their performances from this past week on “The Voice.” He singled out Jordan Smith as a clear frontrunner with Jeffery Austin and Barrett Baber following closely behind him. At the bottom of his list were Korin Bukowski and Madi Smith, but is one of them the likeliest to go home this week?

At this point, the teams of Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Gwen Stefani are intact with three artists each. Only coach Pharrell Williams has lost a finalist and is down to just two contenders. Here’s my quick evaluation of the finalists ordered from most in danger of elimination this week to least likely to go home.

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1. Korin Bukowski (Team Gwen)
Saved by Twitter last week, Korin barely survived elimination in the first round, and even Gwen looked shocked. It appears she has trouble connecting with the voting audience on a performance level, and I hate to be the one to point out that the hair color makeover didn’t do her any favors. Korin needs to absolutely slay her vocal this week to stay out of the bottom.

2. Evan McKeel (Team Pharrell)
It would be rough to see Pharrell lose another singer so early in the competition, but the fact is that Evan is outmatched by Jordan and Jeffery in what type of voters they appeal to. What Evan needs is to prove that he can make a contemporary song his own instead of relying on decades-old pop standards.

3. Zach Seabaugh (Team Blake)
Something tells me that even though all of Emily Ann’s friends want to score Zach’s phone number, he isn’t getting the heartthrob votes this year. That spot is being occupied by his Team Blake competitor Barrett. Zach is a great singer still suffering from a lack of onscreen attention in the earlier rounds. His best hope to avoid the bottom this week is to sing last so that his performance is fresh in the minds of voters.

4. Braiden Sunshine (Team Gwen)
Eventually the cuteness factor is going to wear thin and the surprise of seeing such a great voice come out of someone so young will stop translating into votes. I suspect he’s safe this week, but is closest to being eliminated in the next two weeks.

5. Amy Vachal (Team Adam)
Adam far and away has the best team of the season, and although Amy looked like one of the frontrunners a few weeks ago she only moved on because Adam saved her. For whatever reason, Amy hasn’t connected to be a top vote-getter. Unless she can take a hit song like “Hotline Bling” and do a 180 spin on it every week, then she’ll soon be in danger again.

6. Shelby Brown (Team Adam)
The middle-of-the-pack spot goes to the singer I always forget is still in the competition until I watch her perform. On stage she’s terrific — confidently moving around the stage with the vocal ability to sustain such grace. But then someone else sings, and I forget about her. She needs a breakout performance to emerge as the frontrunner she has the goods to be.

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7. Madi Davis (Team Pharrell)
Last week Denton and I disagreed on Mark Hood (who is now eliminated), and this week we disagree on Madi. Denton placed her at the bottom of his performance rankings and while I agree that she had an off-week, she stayed safe. That means there is a passionate group of voters supporting her. As my personal favorite in the competition, I’m biased when I say that passionate group will definitely (probably) keep her safe this week.

8. Jeffery Austin (Team Gwen)
Gwen’s best (and only) hope becoming the first female coach to win is with Jeffery. Easily one of the top voices in the competition, Jeffery’s biggest hurdle will be stepping out of Jordan’s shadow. They both have rich, versatile and powerful voices that appeal to the same demographic of voter meaning one of them will have to take out the other if either wants to win.

9. Emily Ann Roberts (Team Blake)
Although Blake had to save her from elimination in the first week of live performances, Emily Ann was called “safe” before her teammates Barrett and Zach this week, perhaps suggesting that she had the highest totals on Team Blake this week. With so few women still in the running, Emily Ann’s stock will continue to rise.

10. Barrett Baber (Team Blake)
As the winningest coach, Blake’s ability to get votes for his singers should never be underestimated. This year Blake essentially has a mini-me in Barrett, a country singer that is handsome and traditional in every sense of the word. As long as Barrett stays the course he’s been on so far, he’ll sail right to the finals where his fans will have their dreams come true when he duets with Blake.

11. Jordan Smith (Team Adam)
After two consecutive weeks attaining a #1 on the iTunes charts there is absolutely no way Jordan is going home this week, next week or the week after. I imagine the only way Jordan goes home before the finals is if he suffers a “Dancing with the Stars”-like season-ending physical injury. So, like, no chance at all.

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